Bandanna Club Sponsorship


Help Delta Therapy Dogs make a Difference

When you become part of the Bandanna Club, you are choosing to adopt a Delta Therapy Team to continue their important work for a year. 

Our wonderful dogs are renowned for their special uniform – a bandanna which signifies they are a qualified Delta Therapy Dog. By joining the Bandanna Club, you will be ensuring your chosen Delta Dog can continue to wear their bandanna and spread their special kind of love all year.

Why Adopt a Delta Therapy Dog Team?

It costs Delta Society over $1,030 every year to support each of our 1,000+ Delta Therapy Teams. This includes recruiting each volunteer and their dog, assessing and reassessing the team, training the team to our professional standards, providing uniforms, providing insurances, placing the team in a participating health care facility and providing ongoing support.


As a non-profit with no government funding, Delta needs support from generous members of the public like you to ensure we can continue to offer this vital program. 

Annual Donation

An annual donation of $500 will help your adopted Delta Dog to be a welcome visitor to the patients, residents, families and staff for an entire year.


Benefits of Bandanna Club Membership

When you join the Bandanna Club you will receive the following recognition for your annual donation:

  • Your company logo on the volunteer’s shirt 

  • Certificate of thanks including photo of your adopted team

  • A thank you on Delta’s website 

  • An individual announcement of your support on Delta’s Facebook page (which you can Like and Share) 

  • Permission to promote your support on your own media

  • Exclusive quarterly Bandanna Club updates

  • Your adopted dog will also receive a brand new, personalised soft collar as a gift from you, to match their bandanna!


Who can adopt a Delta Team?

You can adopt a Delta team in the name of your business or organisation, as an individual, as a family, or even in the name of your dog!

Perhaps your dog wants to help others but doesn’t have quite what it takes to become a Delta Dog? The next best thing is for your dog to adopt their very own team and share their doggy love in another way.

How to adopt a Delta Team

To adopt a Delta Therapy team, simply complete the online form in th green panel below and we will contact you about your donation