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Delta Society Australia is a national not-for-profit organisation with the core belief  that the human-animal bond improves our quality of life.

There is a special kinship shared between dogs and people of all ages. Attention from a dog can brighten your day, make you feel loved, and has been scientifically proven to improve your health and wellbeing.


We believe that a better relationship between people and dogs will lead to a more enriched and fulfilled life for all.

Our Programs
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Trained Delta Dog Safe volunteers teach positive, proactive ways for children to behave around dogs to improve safety

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Improving children's development  and wellbeing with specially trained volunteers and their loyal dogs. 


Delta’s devoted volunteer Therapy Dog Teams brighten the lives of an estimated 20,000 Australians in  care facilities every week.

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Delta therapy dogs visit companies & institutions for a unique wellbeing

experience, to reduce stress and boost morale.


Professional courses for those wanting to become dog trainers. You can also find a qualified Delta Dog Trainer here. 

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Get Involved
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Every week, Delta’s  Volunteer Therapy Dog teams bring joy to the lives of those in need.  Our teams brighten the lives of an estimated 20,000 Australians in hospitals and health care facilities.

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Receive a Visit

Whether you're an aged care or mental health facility, hospital or other care facility, animal assisted therapy is a unique addition to your care plan and will positively affect patients' and residents' health and wellbeing. 

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Other ways to help

Do you have other skills that would help? We are always in need of great people who want to help. You don't even have to have a dog! Find out more about opportunities in our unique and busy organisation,

Support Us

Sponsor a Team

Sponsor a Delta Therapy team as an individual or organisation


Fundraise for us

Sponsor us at a fun run or run, work event or other community event. 

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