What we are doing to stay COVID-19 safe

We now have a greater understanding of how COVID-19 has impacted our day-today life, including the way in which Delta has adapted to meet the important safety and wellbeing needs of our community.

We continue to work hard to deliver our purpose of helping animals to bring joy.

With a revised COVID-19 Safety Plan in place, we are looking forward to continuing our program delivery to hospitals, schools, nursing homes and offices around Australia.

We have missed meeting our Program Beneficiaries while our Therapy Dog teams adhere to Public Health Orders and safety considerations of those in vulnerable situations in NSW and Victoria and other areas who have experienced intermittent lockdown orders. We're grateful for their patience.

Being safe while we deliver our purpose is important to us, so we have revised our comprehensive COVID-19 Safety Plan and Procedure for all Personnel, Students, Program Partners, and Program Beneficiaries.  Our Safety Plan not only makes Delta programs and activities COVID-19 Safe, but also informs the actions and responsibilities of our staff, therapy dog teams, facilities, and beneficiaries. It reflects the circumstances and response needed to continue to remain safe and while we establish our 'new normal'.

You can read more about the Safety Plan and Program Guidelines here.



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John Broome

John Broome

John is CEO of the Association of Australian National Advertisers (AANA), an industry body prepresenting Australia's advertisers.  Prior to AANA, John had a 25 year marketing career in serveral packaged goods categories uncluding food, confectionery, cleaning and personal care, having worked with a number of global companies including Unilever, Kellogg, Nestle and Reckitt Benckiser.

Originally from Yorkshire, England, John has lived ad worked in several countries, including the US and Canada and is married to Jacquie with two daughters, Leah & Anna He has never been without a dog in the home and having become a volunteer at Greyhound Rescue, he has now adopted two greyhounds, Grace Kelly & Arlo, to add to the already resident cattle dog, Rory.