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Dogs that Make a Difference

Saskia Adams

In this heart warming book meet Lucy the labrador, who helps autistic children come out of their shell; Paris, whose special connection with a stroke victim helped his recovery; Elmo, the poodle with whom prisoners let down their guard; and Maggie, whose easygoing nature prompts pensioners to reach out to her. These and other therapy dogs leave a lasting paw print on the hearts of everyone they meet.


Our Delta Book

New Book Coming Soon

We’re publishing a new book and it’s all about our wonderful Delta Therapy Dogs and their experiences. We are proud to partner with Pan MacMillan to publish the book in the Spring/Summer of 2019.

We are collecting stories, photographs, and artwork that tells the story about your life changing experience of working with, meeting, and experiencing the magic of Delta Therapy Dogs.

 To be a part of this special project just read through the information below.

Delta Book Submission Guidelines 

Who can contribute

Submissions are open to all ages and backgrounds and includes anyone who is involved in a Delta program and has met and experienced the joy of our wonderful therapy dogs.

This includes:

  • Delta staff and volunteers

  • Supporters and  friends of Delta, including those who have met Delta Therapy Dogs in a facility or during a Paws the Pressure or Dog Safe visit.

  • Trainers, students, and members of Delta Institute are also invited to share their experiences, tips, and advice of positive dog training with our audiences.


Type of submissions

Your submissions can be in the form of original text, images, and artwork.

2. Written

Personal experiences, short stories, poetry, recipes, jokes, anecdotes telling the story of your life changing experience with a Delta Therapy Dog

2. Images and artwork

Portraits, candid snapshots, illustrations, drawings, water colour, paintings, of Delta Therapy Dogs with their handlers and interacting with people. All submissions to be sent in .jpg or .png set to 300dpi.


Questions to consider for your submission

  • How has a Delta Therapy Dog changed your life and made it the “best day ever”?

  • What did they do? Who was there?

  • Who did you tell and what did you tell them?

  • How did you feel that day?


How do I send my submissions?

All submissions can be emailed to by Thursday 14 February 2019, midnight.


Step 1:

Include the statement below by copying and pasting the following text into the email:

By submitting text, images, and art work I [insert name] give permission for the author to use the submission on social media and grant non-exclusive transferable rights to republish in book form.


Step 2:

Include the following information in the body of the email

  • Full name

  • Phone number

  • Email address

  • State, Country

  • Website – if applicable

  • Social media handle (i.e. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) – if applicable