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2015 Team Excellence Awards

To thank and show our appreciation of the amazing work our volunteer teams do, we introduced The Team Excellence Award.

Each year an outstanding team from each Delta branch will be awarded a Team Excellence Award. These teams are commended for one of the following criteria:

  • An act above & beyond their volunteer call of duty, and/or
  • An Innovative approach to volunteering, and/or
  • Positive growth of the Delta Therapy Dog programme and brand, and/or
  • Positive community engagement

And the 2015 winners are ….

Branch: Melbourne             Volunteer Team:  John Wilson & Hugo

Branch: Brisbane                Volunteer Team: Geoff Bridger & Pluto

Branch: Geelong                 Volunteer Team: Kath Phillips & Banjo

Branch: Albury/Wodonga    Volunteer Team: Angela Stankiewicz & her two dogs Bosley and Chase

Branch: Townsville              Volunteer Team: Pamela Miles & Bentley

Branch: Sydney                   Volunteer Team: Laura Clutterbuck & her two dogs Pip and Tiger

Branch: ACT                        Volunteer Team: Natalie Winslade & her two dogs Muddie and Ziggie

Branch: Devonport              Volunteer Team: Joanne Cox & Sammy

Branch: Hunter Newcastle  Volunteer Team: Val Day & her three dogs Twice, Morse & Quis

Branch: Hobart                   Volunteer Team: Robyn Paul & her two dogs Lola & Winnie

Branch: Adelaide                Volunteer Team: Jenny Foreman & Indi 


Albury Wodonga Team Excellence Award Winner 2015 - Angela Stankiewicz & her two dogs Bosley & Chase

The Delta Team Excellence Award for the Albury Wodonga branch has been awarded to Angela Stankiewicz & her two German Shorthaired Pointers, Bosley & Chase.

Angela and both her dogs visit the Karinya Mental Health Unit at Albury Private Hospital.

Even with her busy work schedule she manages to give her time to visit and bring some much needed cuddle therapy to those who at time are having a hard time. We have had a few stories of clients cuddling on the lounge with either of the dogs & we're sure they hear many secrets!

Angela has been with us from the very start and gives freely of her time. She is happy to help with anything she can within the branch when her busy schedule allows. She always has a smile on her face & it is a pleasure to work with Angela and her boys.


Devonport Team Excellence Award Winner 2015 - Joanne Cox & SammyJoanne & Sammy

The Delta Team Excellence Award for the Devonport branch has been awarded to Joanne Cox and her red kelpie x great dane, Sammy.

Jo and Sammy have been Delta volunteers since 2012. Jo is our Devonport Coordinator's right hand person. She is available for assisting at all of the Devonport assessment days and is the fantastic instigator of many Delta events especially in the Ulverstone area.

Jo is also a keen photographer and volunteers her skills to photograph the Devonport teams for their ID badges and also for the Delta Devonport yearly Christmas calendar.

Thank you Jo & Sammy for all your time & dedication to Delta


Melbourne Team Excellence Award Winner 2015 - John Wilson & HugoJohn Wilson & Hugo

The Delta Team Excellence Award for the Melbourne branch has been awarded to John Wilson and his golden retriever, Hugo.

John and Hugo have been visiting the Royal Melbourne Hospital for 11 years. They have journeyed into the heart of the city each fortnight, navigating busy traffic and further navigating the corridors and various wards of one of Melbourne's biggest teaching hospitals to provide comfort to patients and staff.

John has also attended many hours of additional volunteer training provided by the hospital and in keeping with their protocol.  John has done a wonderful job keeping the Delta flag flying at RMH for the past 11 years.

Congratulations to John & the recently retired, Hugo.


Brisbane Team Excellence Award Winner 2015 - Geoff Brannon & PlutoGeoff & Pluto

The Delta Team Excellence Award for the Brisbane branch has been awarded to Geoff Brannon and his standard poodle, Pluto.

Geoff has been instrumental in arranging a very successful fundraiser with the Masonic Lodge and he assists at as many fundraising events and assessment days as his social schedule allows....which lucky for us, has been almost all of them this year! Even if his dog is not suited for a shopping centre event, he is still there without Pluto to assist. All day long too!!

Congratulations to Geoff & Pluto and a big thank you for all your support and hard work!


Geelong Team Excellence Award Winner 2015 - Kath Phillips & BanjoKath & Banjo

The Delta Team Excellence Award for the Geelong branch has been awarded to Kath Phillips and her toy poodle x    shih tzu, Banjo.

Kath joined the Delta Geelong branch in 2004 and was determined to set up the therapy dogs program in Ballarat. Always optimistic, she worked tirelessly to build the program and we now have at least 30 facilities in the Ballarat and outlying regions.

Kath has volunteered with three fantastic therapy dogs – Larnie, Banjo and Tigger and has brought joy to many, many people. A big thank you and congratulations to Kath who has worked tirelessly for Delta and has achieved great things during her time with us.