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2016 Team Excellence Awards

Without a doubt, all our volunteers do an amazing job! Each branch selects a stand out team each year and they are awarded The Team Excellence Award.

These teams are commended for one of the following criteria:

  • An act above & beyond their volunteer call of duty, and/or
  • An Innovative approach to volunteering, and/or
  • Positive growth of the Delta Therapy Dog programme and brand, and/or
  • Positive community engagement

And the 2016 winners are ….

Branch: Melbourne                  Volunteer Team:  Geri Eggleston & Tarra

Branch: Brisbane                     Volunteer Team: Louise Magetti & Santo 

Branch: Geelong                      Volunteer Team: Stan Deane & Tess

Branch: Albury/Wodonga         Volunteer Team: Gail Boyd & MacGyver

Branch: Townsville                   Volunteer Team: Louise Tinniswood & Jackson

Branch: Sydney                        Volunteer Team: Janice Moore & Norman 

Branch: ACT                             Volunteer Team: Norma Garrett & Shelley

Branch: Devonport                   Volunteer Team: Rosemary Wolski & Teesha

Branch: Hunter Newcastle       Volunteer Team: Louise Neylan & Digger

Branch: Hobart                         Volunteer Team: TBA

Branch: Adelaide                      Volunteer Team: TBA

Branch: Central Coast              Volunteer Team: Lesley North & Harry

Branch: Cairns                          Volunteer Team: Betty Lou & Maggie


Albury Wodonga Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Gail Boyd & MacGyver

Gail and MacGyver are one of the original have been Members of the Albury Wodonga Branch. Gail and MacGyver have just completed 3 Years’ Service with the branch. Over this time Gail and MacGyver have visited Lutheran Aged Care bringing many a smile and cuddle to the residents in this facility. 

Gail and MacGyver have always been a positive role model and willing to give a hand whenever she is able. Gail is always willing to pass on any tips or hints to help out any of our new volunteers to assist with helping to settle them into their roles. Gail and MacGyver have also participated in promotional work earlier this year appearing in a facebook video done by the ABC Murray Goulburn radio.Well done Gail and Macgyver.



Cairns Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Betty Lou & Maggie

This team is remarkable. Betty Lou is 76 & Maggie is a rescue dog, who was found wandering the local golf course. Betty Lou invested time & energy in training Maggie to make sure she passed the Delta assessment.

They are now visiting weekly at Regis Redlynch. Staff & residents love them! Maggie tolerates her weekly bath & brushing session & gets really excited on visiting day. She has her favourites & makes a beeline for them, but is happy to meet new residents and shares her love around.

It's hard for Betty Lou as she visits residents that she knows, some well & others casually. Her golfing schedule & social calendar has been reorganised to give priority to Delta visits. She takes books & other small items for residents who don't have any family nearby. 


Geelong Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Stan Deane & Tess

Stan has been an active member of Delta Therapy dogs (Geelong) for many years.  Stan lives in Hamilton and has been instrumental in promoting the region.

He began with the local hospital, then signed up 4 facilities.  He canvassed the area seeking volunteers, engaging his local community.   He has raised funds and been responsible in promoting Delta and raising our profile.

Stan visits all four facilities, alternating his dogs along with his other volunteers.

Unfortunately Jill has recently been put to sleep.  He continues his good work with Tess, no doubt he may consider having a new dog assessed in the future.

Stan has trained dogs for many years and has a lifestyle devoted to dogs.  He is respected and a well known member of his local community.


ACT Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Norma Garrett & Shelley

Norma has been with Delta ACT for 4 years now and have done an amazing job visiting patients at Calvary Mental Health Care. Unfortunately, they are leaving Canberra to start a new adventure in Albury. We wish this fantastic team all the best for their next life adventure!   





Brisbane Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Louise Magetti & Santo 

Louise & Santo represent Delta Therapy Dogs at three (3) very different facilities across the Gold Coast region and are fabulous volunteer ambassadors for Delta Society.

Their enthusiasm, willingness and positive outlook contributes to the organisation in many different ways in addition to visiting facilities such as volunteering at special events at Hospitals, universities, local events, shopping centre displays etc. and being part of news stories and media exposure which helps us increase the profile of Delta and the awareness of the program within the community.

Louise & Santo are one of our many selfless volunteers who are generous of themselves and who we know are passionate about the cause and are willing to lend a hand. Louise has a very strong sense of moral and community obligation to assist the more vulnerable members of our society and has a personal connection to the causes of some of the facilities which she visits.

Louise & Santo continue to bring their own caring individual style and support to the Delta program and beyond and assisted in a special request for a young woman in her final stage of end of life care, and enabled her to continue to achieve items on her bucket list. Knowing the young woman’s desire to raise a family which included a dog would not be fulfilled, Santo undertook several visits which provided the young woman an opportunity to experience physical comfort, emotional support, mental preparedness, closeness, acceptance, unconditional love and a sense of completeness that only a dog can truly provide.

They are truly deserving of the Team Excellence Award and the Brisbane Branch are delighted they are part of our volunteering family.


Central Coast Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Lesley North & Harry 

Lesley & Harry are the longest serving team working on the Coast. Lesley started in October 2011 and travels from Matcham to Lake Haven Masonic Village, which is a bit of a journey each week. A big thank you to this fantastic team for their continued support and enthusiasm.





Townsville Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Louise Tinniswood & Jackson

Louise and her labradoodle, Nelson, first joined the Townsville branch of Delta Therapy Dogs in 2008. They quickly became favourite visitors to the residents and staff of The Good Shepherd Nursing Home. Louise always assisted in promoting the Delta program throughout her involvement in many of our fundraising and promotional activities.

Even after Nelson passed away in 2014, Louise continued to support our branch as a “friend of Delta”. She has been the main organiser of our annual fundraising Trivia Night and assists in other fundraising and promotional events.

Louise has recently had her new standard poodle, Jackson, accredited as a therapy dog and now they bring joy to the patients and staff at the Townsville Hospital and Palliative Care Unit.


Devonport Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Rosemary Wolski & Teesha

Rosemary is just amazing and manages our Tasmanian volunteer Facebook page. She goes beyond the call of duty and always comes up with crafty things for raffles, especially making a wonderful quilt in the past. If we need help at events she & Teesha are the first to put up their paw and is always about and always offering support to other teams!  She is just a wonderful team player!




Hunter Newcastle Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Louise Neylan & Digger

After twelve years of visiting with her Delta Therapy Dog, Louise Neylan has sadly decided that the time has come for her and her Australian Shepherd, Digger to hang up their uniform.

Louise and Digger started to visit Hunter Valley Private Hospital in October 2004 and have continued until October this year. If that wasn’t enough they also visited St Joseph's School at Charlestown (commencing August 2010), where they continued to visit for a few years, plus Holy Family School Merewether in May 2013, where they still visit.

The last assignment added to their impressive list in July 2014 was to visit John Hunter Children’s Hospital. A committed and valued volunteer, Louise has always been available for displays and other branch fundraising events.

Louise and Digger will continue to visit Holy Family School until the end of the year after which they will start their well-earned a well-earned retirement. Louise will still remain involved in the Branch as a Friend.


Melbourne Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Geri Eggleston & Tarra

Geri & Tarra have an incredibly challlenging placement at a disability service. The service provides an inclusive community for people of all abilities. Specialising in the delivery of high quality, person-centred services to people living with multiple disabilities (including deafblindness) and those in need of community support.It is not always a pleasant environment and can be quite confronting, but because of her commitment to the role, Geri continues to visit regardless of her fears.


Sydney Team Excellence Award Winner 2016 - Janice Moore & Norman 

Janice and Norman bring a smile to your face the minute they walk through the door.

In addition to their ongoing weekly placement at St Joseph Aged Care, which they have been doing for 2 years, Janice and Norman started doing weekly visits at Balmain Hospital in the Transitional Care Unit in 2016.

They have also delighted students and employees as part of the Paws the Pressure program. They even battled through hectic Sydney traffic to get to an event far from home when a volunteer took sick and couldn’t attend.

Janice confronted her fears of public speaking to present on a volunteer panel at a training session for new volunteers. She was warm and real and feedback indicated that the attendees really appreciated her honest approach and insights. Though she spent much of her career behind the camera, Janice and Norman got on camera for the filming of the new therapy dog assessment criteria.

Janice is a truly lovely person and Norman’s happy face brightens your heart.