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Kitty Flanagan & Henry

Delta Society is pleased to have Kitty Flanagan and her loveable sidekick Henry as our ambassadors. 

Kitty Flanagan is best known for her career in the entertainment industry, most notably as an internationally successful stand up comedian. Henry, meanwhile, is best known as Kitty’s unbelievably cute and loyal dog, who passed his assessment as a Delta Therapy Dog with flying colours. 

“It was a match made in heaven from the very beginning," says Delta's GM Hollee James. "Kitty is not only charming, funny and generous, but she’s a well known animal lover. Henry is also the perfect canine sidekick – he is cuddly, likes to show off and is generally obedient. And just like all dogs, he can be very cheeky which cheers people up and makes them laugh. Together they make a crack team and are the perfect ambassadors for Delta.”

As ambassador, Kitty will help the Delta Society to spread the word and promote our heart warming charitable programs including Delta Therapy Dogs, Classroom Canines and Delta Dog Safe.