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Become a Companion for Life

CFL logoWhen you decide to leave Delta a gift in your will, you not only ensure that Delta’s very special therapy dogs can continue their work for many years to come, you will also ensure that the values that you have held dear throughout your life will be continued for generations to come.

As a sincere token of our appreciation you will be welcomed as an inaugural member of Companions For Life.

After you have made the incredibly important decision to include the Delta Society in your will, simply advise us in writing that you have done so and you will automatically become a Companion For Life.

As a member, you will receive:

  • Written confirmation and a certificate of appreciation, thanking you for your decision to leave a bequest
  • Twice yearly Companions For Life newsletters mailed or emailed to your preferred address, with information from the Delta Society about our work, annouRobin and Rafancements about new bequests we have received, and how bequeathed funds are being used
  • Publication of your pledge on the Companions For Life Honour Roll in the Delta Society’s Annual Report
  • A yearly visit by a volunteer and their therapy dog to your home or care facility
  • Your gift, once received, will be commemorated in your name (or your dog’s name) with inclusion on the Companions For Life Memoriam Roll