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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does each visit last?

We ask that all visits are of 60 - 90 minutes duration. This should be suitable for the comfort level of your dog, while allowing the opportunity to maximise the benefits of pet therapy.


What if my dog is sick?

The comfort and wellbeing of your dog is of paramount importance. If you dog is too ill to attend a scheduled visit, you should contact your local branch coordinator and/or facility to cancel the visit until your dog is feeling well again.


How often do I need to visit my assigned facility?

Generally, visits occur weekly or fortnightly. The volunteer and facility can discuss an appropriate day and time to schedule the regular visits. However generally visits are conducted between 9-5 on weekdays and weekends.


What if I can't make my scheduled visit? What about when I go on holidays?

If you envisage that you will miss more than 3 consecutive visits you should notify your co-ordinator and she will contact your allocated facility to advise them.


What happens during a visit?

It depends on the facility. We recommend you discuss options with the coordinator at your assigned facility. We have teams who visit patients and residents in their rooms for a bedside chat and pat, while other teams will visit residents in a common room. Generally volunteers and their dogs will visit and talk with residents and patients, offer a hug, and a paw to shake. Many facilities are also happy for your dog to jump up onto beds for an extra long cuddle.


Can I choose the facility I visit?

We will work with you to ensure you are happy with the facility you are assigned. For example, you are able to specifially express interest in a dementia facility or mental health facility for example. This, however, will be determined by the availability of facilities participating in the program.


How far will I have to travel to get to my allocated facility?

We aim to assign facilities no more than 20 minutes travelling time from the volunteer's home, unless you have chosen a specific facility.


I work full time - are there still opportunities for me to volunteer?

Some of the facilities our therapy dogs visit are flexible and allow weekend visits.


Don't have a dog but would love to volunteer with Delta?

Contact one of our 14 Therapy Dogs Branches across Australia to find out about volunteer opportunities.