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Red Bandanna Club FAQs

Can I select my own Delta team?

If you personally know a Delta Therapy Team and would like to sponsor them, you can certainly request this team. Otherwise, Delta will assign you to a team that works in your local area – so you know your donation is directly supporting members of your local community.

Can my dog really sponsor a Delta Therapy Team?

Yes! We welcome Red Bandanna Club members in all shapes and sizes – both two legged and four legged. The Red Bandanna Club is a wonderful way for your pet to support their canine brothers and sisters in their important work.

Can I sponsor more than one team?

You can sponsor as many Delta teams as you like!

Can a team be sponsored more than once?

No, each Delta Therapy Team can only have one special sponsor. However, the team can be sponsored by more than one person in a group – for example, the team can be sponsored by an entire family or group of friends, who all contribute to the annual cost of supporting the team.

Why are you calling this a Club?

Delta believes that the key to pet therapy lies in the combination of the dog and the volunteer, as well as the patients they are visiting. By joining the Red Bandanna Club, you are becoming a vital part of the amazing team that helps to bring the joys of animal companionship to those who need it most.

If it costs over $1,000 to support a team for a year, why is the annual adoption donation only $500?

The health care facilities where our Delta Dogs visit make an annual donation to Delta of $550 in order to have the team visit. So we need you to help us cover the additional funds by making a donation of $500 per team.

What happens if my team stops visiting or retires during the year?

On these rare occasions, you will simply be assigned a new Delta Therapy Team to support for the remainder of the year.

How long does my sponsorship go for?

Sponsorship last for an entire year, and will be automatically renewed each year unless you tell us otherwise. You also have the option to change the team you sponsor at the end of each year.

How many teams do you have that need sponsoring?

Delta has over 1,000 Delta Therapy Teams!

How do I tell my friends about my sponsored team?

You will be provided with an exclusive Red Bandanna Club logo which you can post on your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, Instagram, email and any other way you communicate with your friends. Hopefully your friends find out about your incredibly kind gift to Delta and “Like” your generosity! 

Where do you get the personalised red collars which are given as a gift to my sponsored Therapy Dog?

Delta Society is very grateful for the support and service we receive from "Personalised Pet", who supply all our embroidered collars at a heavy discount for our special adopted Therapy Dogs. You can find out more about their fantastic products at!