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Comment from an Aged Care facility

Zac and Maree  

“Zac and Maree visit approx 10 – 12 residents at our facility once a week and have become a very important part of the Arcare family. The residents receive so much joy from Zac’s visits and look forward to each week when they know he is coming. Residents who had to leave their pets when coming into Arcare are especially fond of Zac and he takes advantage of the nice warm beds when he visits. Zac and Maree have given the residents the opportunity to express feelings of love and attachment, the visits have assisted in reducing depression and facilitated reminiscence and interaction. The residents have been able to engage in a sensory pleasurable activity that sparks memories of home"


Comment from a Prison


"As it’s Mental Health week and because I have been thinking of e-mailing for a while,  I thought I would take the opportunity to give some feedback to Delta and say a huge thank you to Christine and Rosy who attend the prison each week over the last year.

Everyone in the prison ( prisoner officers, Mental Health staff and prisoners ) love to see Rosy coming, having Rosy present evokes warm happy memories for prisoners and many prisoners ask eagerly when she will return. We really appreciate having Rosy and Christine, their flexibility  and professionalism as well as their  fun and warm personalities. Thank you !"