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Volunteer Honour Roll

Congratulations to our volunteers who have achieved these incredible milestones since 2014.

5 Years Service

Robyn Cassey & Isobel NSW
Michael Cassey & Isobel NSW
Leah Curnovic with Shadow and MacGyver NSW
Valerie Day with Morse, Quis & Twice NSW
Brenda Driscoll & Lucy NSW
Karen Farrow & Gypsy NSW
Sonya Fisher with Oscar & Zeus NSW
Susan Gale with Monte & Zara NSW
Patricia Hinshelwood & Holly NSW
Mary Lantry & Cindy NSW
Virginia Lynch & Sunny NSW
Kim Mills & Sara NSW
Tony Mitchell with Heidi, Jamie & Xena NSW
Karen Ritky & Rocky NSW
Joan Stewart & Muffin NSW
Anne Bannister & Tommy QLD
Tanya Furdek & Nolan QLD
Jennifer McCulloch with Sunny & Tess QLD
Elizabeth Siatago & Nemo QLD
Sue Ward & Folly QLD
Carolyn Warner & Kacee QLD
Sandra Cannon & Paris TAS
Bill Reid & Rastus TAS
Helene Reid & Rastus TAS
Janet Southwell-Keely & Dusty TAS
Helen Wurth & Simba TAS
Ann-Maree Bentley & Monty Albert VIC
Louise MacKey & Mitchell VIC
Beverly Petrass & Forby VIC
Felicity Salter & Teddy VIC
Sally Trumble & Rove VIC

 6 Years Service

Richard Decru & Chiki NSW
Sheila Freeman & Roxy NSW
Kay Lindsell & Bonnie NSW
Deanna Mireles & Rusty NSW
Julie Moloney & Ned NSW
Bronwyn Newman with Audrey and Scarlett NSW
Marina Pitsonis & Deena NSW
Loretta Rabbitt with Jackson and Chloe NSW
Martine Sloper & Blue NSW
Geoff Willmott & Rocky NSW
Suzette Willmott & Rocky NSW
Siewkuan Cheong & Fergus QLD
Wendy Duffield & Wolfie QLD
Christina Guzzo with Stamos and Pepper QLD
Frances Hrdina & Zora QLD
Jodie McKay with Zeke, Heidi & Thor QLD
Tricia Robinson & Jet TAS
Cordula Ruckstuhl with Marilyn and Ella Louise TAS
Marilyn Bussolaro & Bobby VIC
Melissa Butcher & Shilo VIC
Angela Deagan & Mac VIC
Annie Grossman & Chappy VIC
Aven Lines & Wally VIC
Shannon McKay & Mawson VIC
Denise Sharrock & Ivy VIC

7 Years Service

Keith Green with Dally and Miss Millie NSW
Jennifer Mitchell & Hamish NSW
Susan Nicholas with Monty and Tessa NSW
Alan Roberts & Hazel NSW
Jane Robertson & Peach NSW
Shantha Viswanathan & Mojo NSW
Karen Bawden with Keera and Kane QLD
Patricia Brennan & Happy QLD
Heather Meurant & Latte QLD
Pamela Miles with Carson & Bentley QLD
Kim Priory & Zoe QLD
Troy Wainwright & Brandy QLD
Kerry Wallison with Billy and Harley QLD
Claire Curtis with Domino, Storm and Harry TAS
Susan Axe with Hector & Henry VIC
Geri Eggleston & Tarra VIC
Debra Kennedy with Jackie and Macca VIC

8 Years Service

Heather Baldwin with Penny, Pepe and Sunny NSW
Nikki Hale & BJ NSW
Sue-Anne Paterson & MacGregor NSW
Hendrika Tegelaar & Tyson NSW
Les Westerweller & Leah NSW
Anne Allan with Arthur and Koffi QLD
Phillipa Cressey & Mila QLD
Penny McLean & Fergus QLD
Charlotte Nash & Nikki QLD
Wendy Jager & Maxi VIC
Annette Small with Hap and Mac VIC
Daniela Theuss & Lily VIC

9 Years Service

Leonie Crowder & Jasper NSW
Joanne Oliver & Bobbi NSW
Susan Stephens & Lucy NSW
Helen Shorrocks with Ellie and Sherlock QLD
Daphne Thorogood with Elli, Harvey and Molly QLD
Kathryn Sim & Scooby Doo SA
Betty Jackman & Aslan TAS
Glenda Bridgman & Hamish VIC
Helen Read with Cobber, Bastion, Sprocket, Caspa, Freia and Rio VIC

10+ Years Service

Pamela Davis with Babe and Bono NSW 10 years
Suzanne Madden with Te'a, Roxy & Zac NSW 10 years
Louise Neylan & Digger NSW 10 years
Lynne Adams with Cleo & Twiggy VIC 10 years
Frank Jones with Brock, Grace, Tansy, Oz and Merlot VIC 10 years
Lynette Lang & Rosie VIC 10 years
Kath Phillips with Larni, Libby and Banjo VIC 10 years
Rosalynne Sampson & Ebony VIC 11 years
John Wilson with Frosty, Lily and Hugo VIC 10 years
Jenny Wilson with Frosty, Lily and Hugo VIC 10 years
Debra Coleman with Carter and Honey NSW 11 years
Suzette McFarlane & Turbo NSW 11 years
Karen Middleton with Annie and Ruby NSW 11 years
Len Mills with Marigold, Dolly and Primrose NSW 11 years
Sheila Mills with Marigold, Dolly and Primrose NSW 11 years
Marietta Noest & Nefesh QLD 11 years
Rosalynne Sampson & Ebony VIC 11 years
Louise MacLeod with Wilson, Bailey, Pru, Isabella and Meg NSW 12 years
Lesley Mitchell with Bette Davis, Lili, Audrey and Scarlett NSW 12 years
Vanda Iwanowski & Scooby Do VIC 12 years
Pam Withers with Jordan, Mikayla and Regan NSW 13 years
Tom Wilson with Roxy & Sally NSW 16 years

Congratulations to our volunteers who have now retired but have achieved incredible milestones in their time with Delta.

Marilyn Beaverstock & Ollie 5 years
Sarah Campbell with Seamus and Toby 5 years
Anne Cheetham & Spike 5 years
Dianne Dawson & Suzie 5 years
Rebecca Defriskbom & Ashleigh 5 years
Paul Dodds & Jessie 5 years
Shirley Doolan & Shilo 10 years
Megan Pepprell & Murphy 5 years
Peter Pollari & Cherry 5 years
Marjorie Lambert & Hannah 5 years
Jack Lyons & Iggy 5 years
Alexis Mulhearn with Tiger, Angel, Kane and Heli 5 years
Edwina Sharpe with Tiger, Angel, Kane and Heli 5 years
Mary Sulter with Binkie & Ellie 5 years
Megan Waters & Angel 5 years
Penelope Wilde with Harry, Posee and Milo 5 years
Robert Armstrong & Marc Antony 6 years
Andrea Brear & Bettina 6 years
Sharon Soden & Henry 6 years
Louise Tinniswood & Nelson 6 years
Arianne Van der Meer & Kodiak 6 years
Michael Walsh & Katie 6 years
Leanne Badior & Fleur 7 years
Susan Carlton with Embers and Penny 7 years
Rhonda Hardie & Ebony 7 years
Laura-Lee Harding & Chloe 7 years
Nicola Hore with Shelby, Ebony & Misty 7 years
Janice Roberts & Hazel 7 years
Catherine Turner & Precious 7 years
Jan Whitmore & Harry 7 years
Dolly Yong & JD 7 years
Helen Barton with Milly and Bolton 8 years
Frank Chad with Lucy and Sally 8 years
Trevor Clarke & Toby 8 years
Sue Coonan & Biscuit 8 years
Janet Cusson with Buster and Sapper 8 years
Lisa Dewhurst with Chrissie and George 8 years
Diana Harben & Max 8 years
Mary Hollingsworth & Rosie 8 years
Sally Leventis with Dougal & Lily 8 years
Anne MacGregor with Max, Taggart and Vincent 8 years
Gina McKinlay & Marty 8 years
Wendy Nash & Blaze 8 years
Mariola Wierna & Holly 8 years
Jennifer Clark & Smoke 9 years
Robert Duncan & Bob 9 years
Tracey Garvey with Windsor, Maggie and Pebbles 9 years
Sally Hughes & Topsy 9 years
Cynthia Lyons with Scooby & Chloe 9 years
Bill Pattie & Jackie 9 years
Kathy Schultz & Honey 9 years
Max Schultz & Honey 9 years
Terry Searle & Jemma 9 years
Wendy Lavender-Williams & Hamish 10 years
Dorothy Luke with Nicola and Sylvia 10 years
Avril Plath & Zachary 10 years
Christine Gray & Toby Dan 10 years
Rachel Hawker with Bella & Max 10 years
Anne Cobham & Rosie 11 years
Sheilda Fielder with Randal and Erin 11 years
Sandra Glaister with Bella and Molly 11 years
Julianne Ivison with Sam and Max 11 years
Gitta Opassi & Oskar 12 years
Betty Mason with Chloe, Max, Manas and Stella 12 years
David Slater with Lola, Bailey, Lucy and Beauty 12 years
Jennifer Wilcox with Layla, Merlot, Nelda & Larry 12 years