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Why Classroom Canines

With no judgement and plenty of attention from the dog and their volunteer, children who participate in this program show a desire to improve their reading, so they can come back week after week and show their new four legged friend how much better they can do.

CC DogChildren can be complex little people and they can have the worries of the world on their shoulders. They can feel insecure, lonely, sad and distracted.

When a dog walks into the classroom, an insecure child can take charge of the dog and they can become friends. With strong evidence showing a link between confident children and the care of pets, Classroom Canines takes these learnings to the classroom, and creates a fun and non-judgemental environment to allow children to flourish.

Scientifically proven benefits for students

  • Research has found that animals are useful in the promotion of health, wellbeing and normal development in children
  • Pets can be a way of improving quality of life as a tool for socialising, relaxation and communication
  • Pets can help a child who may be experiencing anxiety and stress
  • Occasional contact with animals is beneficial in providing children with the opportunity to display independence and confidence by looking after a pet
  • Children may learn to gain an awareness of pro-social behaviour in regard to treating animals appropriately
  • Contact with pets provides opportunities for sensory stimulation and exercise and enables children to receive and give attention and affection
  • The dog provides a non-judgemental acceptance of the student