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Delta Therapy Dogs & Gummi Partnership

Delta Therapy Dogs are thrilled to announce a comprehensive partnership with Gummi. Commencing in July, Gummi will enter into a multi-year program with Delta Therapy Dogs that includes sponsorship, fundraising, education, and advocacy.

Animal lovers can attest that meeting a dog can brighten your day, make you feel loved, and has been scientifically proven improve overall health and well-being. Delta’s programs not only reach the lives of 20,000 people each week, but also focus on giving animals only positive and rewarding interactions that helps them lead their best lives.

Gummi understands how dogs possess a unique and powerful healing quality. Passionate about the way that dogs enhance our human lives, Gummi aims to deliver all of the elements that enhance theirs. As part of their relaunch, Gummi was looking for an organisation to meaningfully contribute to – and Delta Therapy Dogs could not be more aligned.

As part of this partnership, the Gummi team will become actively involved in supporting the work of Delta Therapy Dogs.

This includes Nat Asseraf, Owner and Creative & Manager Director of Gummi taking her own dog, Wally, through the assessment and training process to (hopefully) become a therapy dog.

For more information on Gummi Pets, visit and follow Gummi on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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