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Delta Therapy Dogs & WellPet Australia Partnership

Delta Therapy Dogs and WellPet Australia are thrilled to announce an expansion of support with WellPet, the makers of Holistic Select dog food.

WellPet have enjoyed sponsorship of Delta’s purpose in past years by supporting dedicated Delta Therapy Dog teams with generous in-kind provision of Holistic Select products. WellPet believes in the strength of the human-animal bond and values of the work of Delta Therapy Dogs in helping animals bring joy to people.

As part of Delta’s ongoing work in building partnerships with like-minded organisations, we reviewed our partnership with WellPet to expand into supporting our volunteer teams program-wide. Our new arrangement will see WellPet Australia make a much-needed financial contribution to support the ongoing work of Delta Therapy Dogs. Our new arrangement is intended to also include a discount to all Delta Therapy Dog Volunteers and Delta Institute trainers on a range of WellPet products. WellPet’s new Australian-based distribution centre will be established later this year and we will work with WellPet on launching the discount programme to be shared with the Delta community.

Our new arrangement signals a positive change which can be accessed by all volunteers and members of Delta. This expansion of WellPet support is timely as we work towards Delta’s recovery during the global pandemic, which saw many of our programs placed on-hold due to public health orders to ensure the safety of our volunteers teams and program beneficiaries. Delta is now returning to program in the new COVID-19 normal and appreciate the support of organisations like WellPet to continue its purpose into the new year and beyond.

Our new sponsorship arrangement will ensure WellPet can increase their direct impact in helping Delta bring joy to people, and for Delta to have a sustainable future in supporting all our volunteers and their dogs continue their wonderful work in the community.

For more information on WellPet Australia’s pet food brands, visit Holistic Select Australia , WHIMZEES Australia and Wellness Pet Food Australia.

For more information on Delta Therapy Dogs, visit and follow Delta on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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