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How to have a ‘pawsitively’ festive time with your furry best friend

This festive period will be different, not only for us but for our beloved pets as well.

It’s been a long year where routines have changed and for pets who thrive on routine, they may be feeling the strain even more this year. Here are five things you can do to make sure your pooch has a ‘pawsitive’ time this Christmas! 1. Keep to their routine even on busy days. Incorporate their daily walk and exercise when you spend time with loved ones by meeting at a park and playing fetch together. Dogs connect through ritual and their routine is key to their wellbeing. 2. Make it extra special so your pet feels a part of the day. Have one of their treats ready when you’re enjoying your favourite gingerbread cookie, but make it special where they might have to fish it out of a snuffle mat or dog toy. Keep an eye on all the delicious foods - some of which can be dangerous for our dogs. By having their treats on-hand they might feel less interested to try the cherry-glazed ham. 3. Make memories. When taking photos, be sure to include your furry best friend if they are willing. Keeping it natural and simple is encouraged. Some of the best festive snaps is when a dog poses in a way only they know how! 4. Does your dog like to get dressed up? Make sure they are familiar with the outfit or new festive collar. At Delta we don’t encourage dressing up our dogs as they generally don’t feel comfortable having extra items on their body and may feel restricted. We should also factor in changes in temperature and humid weather which may cause additional distress. Head gear is a ‘no-no’ because it is a distraction and may be a safety issue if the costume gets caught on something The key is not to force your dog to wear a costume if they are showing signs of distress or discomfort at any time. They may be willing at the start (especially if a treat is involved) but may eventually show signs of discomfort. A fun and colourful bandanna or festive lead is probably all they need. 5. Stay safe together. Have a safe space available to your dog if they need to retreat. It might be outside or in a quiet part of your home. Just like humans who enjoy a post-lunch nap, our dogs need space and time to rest and recuperate from all the fun and excitement of the holiday season. Stay safe & happy this festive season!

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