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Have a paw-friendly NYE!

How will you celebrate and ring in the new year ?

While we may have our usual check-list to prepare for new year festivities, one important matter for all dog lovers and humans to four-legged family members is how we consider the wellbeing of the dogs in our lives at during our festivities.

We've put together a handy 5-point check-list for to consider as we prepare to welcome in the new year. Here's to a paw-friendly NYE for all.

Five handy tips for a pet-friendly New Year’s Eve

1. ID check! Make sure your pet is wearing a collar with a tag that has their name and contact details clearly marked. A reminder for the new year is to check that your pet’s microchip details are up to date on your local pet registry. This is especially if you’ve moved, changed contact details recently or your pet is staying with friends over the holidays - you can update the emergency contact information.

2. Keep up with energy levels. If you’re not planning to be home or entertaining in the evening, take your furry best friend for a long walk and spend some quality time with them playing with their favourite toys during the day. This walk helps to engage your furry best friends in a positive way and will expend their physical and mental energy before having a relaxing evening at home.

3. Create a safe space inside. Make sure your pet has a safe place to hang out in the evening or even better; can stay comfortably inside. If possible secure all doors and windows with the blinds and curtains drawn if you expect fireworks and loud sounds close by. Play some gentle music or have the radio softly in the background to help divert sounds such as fireworks, music, and other startling sounds.

4. Outdoor options. If your pet likes to stay outside, make sure all fences and gates are closed and secure. Remind guests to close the door and gates behind them when they enter and leave your home. Remove dangerous gardening tools, rubbish bins, and other distractions. Check if your pet has access to plenty of water, toys and a spot to rest safely relax and stay out of any extreme weather conditions.

5. Every dog needs a wing-person. If you’re entertaining, make sure someone in your household can keep an eye on your furry best friend when celebrations increase. We think finding the best-dog person for the job won’t be too hard if you're already a supporter of Delta Therapy Dogs! 😉

Wishing you and your wonderful four-legged friends a joyful and healthy new year in 2022! 🌟 🐾🌟

If you founds these tips helpful, please do share them with your friends and family!

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