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The Musical Therapy Dog

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

All Delta Therapy Dogs are amazing in their capacity to bring love and light to their human ‘clients’ and many live double lives and have hidden talents like Rosie, canine star of Townsville Choral Society’s recent production of the much loved musical Annie. Rosie showed her exceptional temperament and adaptability to do a fantastic job as Sandy the much loved stray that Annie the orphan befriends. Her owner Sally-Ann explained “Rosie was required to do such things as run onto stage on her own, sit on her own centre stage with the spotlight on her while Annie walks away from her to talk to the dog catcher, not come when she was called the first couple of times and then respond on the 3rd call and to exit the stage on her own during a scene that the actors on stage mostly moved off in the opposite direction. With a little training, Rosie took all this in her stride and actually seemed to love the limelight! An instant hit every time she made her entrance, there was a big ‘awww’ from the audience too which her tail would wag furiously as if she knew it was for her. She also seemed to just love sitting centre stage and surveying the crowd – who I am sure she thought were all there just to love and applaud her! Being a star did bring extra benefits - Rosie was the only actor in the show to have a dressing room of her own, she was featured in an article in the local paper and even had a segment on the local news. I am happy to report that the brush with fame has not gone to Rosie’s head at all – she is now happily settling back into her usual routine of sitting under my desk as I work and visiting her school on a weekly basis where she is a much loved Delta Classroom Canine. Rosie’s bio is in the program and made note of her work with Delta Therapy Dogs and the Choral Society made a generous donation to Delta Society as Rosie’s appearance fee. We have since been approached to see if Rosie would like to be in other acting or endorsement roles but we have decided that her Delta work and her role as man’s best friend occupies enough of her time”.

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