Therapy Dog Awareness Month

Helping animals bring joy to people

1 - 30 September 2021

Pets show us how to live in the moment, focus on the positive, and foster gratitude in our lives – all of which is needed even more in these uncertain and challenging times. Thousands of volunteer Delta Therapy Dog teams take this one step further by sharing the bond they have with their pet with others from different walks of life. This leas to a greater sense of wellbeing in our community and reduces social isolation.


This September will be our fourth annual Therapy Dog Awareness Month where we will acknowledge and celebrate the impactful work of our therapy dogs.

We’re so proud of our Delta Therapy Dog teams who’ve stayed connected to community

and continue to share their bond with their loving pets with people around Australia.


The last eighteen months have presented many challenges as we’ve all

worked hard to stay safe and well at home, at work, and within our local communities.

We’re thrilled to continue to amplify our purpose of helping animals bring joy to people and encourage others to share their experiences and how a Delta Therapy Dog has made a difference in their life

– Melinda Farrell, Chief Executive Officer