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Volunteer stories



Alice and Neena

A thank you from one of the former patients of "Neena".

State: NSW
Facility: Gosford Hospital - ICU


Angela and Bosley

" was great to see what the dogs can do without even doing anything but offering there love".

State: NSW
Facility: Albury/Wodonga Priv Hosp - Karinya Mental Health

Sponsored by: Debbie Jesser Fund


Anne and Kiji

I have a little story that completely caught me off guard the first time I went to the Nursing Home with Kiji my border collie.

State: NSW
Facility: Henry Kendal Nursing Home

Sponsored by: Shirley Nepean Fund

Shirley Nepean Fund


Barb and Parker

All in a days work for a big and bouncy German Shepherd

State: NSW
Facility: Salvation Army Maybanke Aged Care Plus


Ben and Max

We are loving our visits to the residents at Caulfield and during our last visit we went out & said g'day to grandpa

State: VIC
Facility: Namarra Caulfield Hospital


Bobbee and Basko

Basko says "I get such a good feeling from knowing that the residents I visit enjoy touching me and cuddling me".

State: VIC
Facility: Waldreas Village


Cameron and Ned

Four clients in particular are in love with him & light up when he is in the room. We are all having so much fun during our sessions.

State: NSW
Facility: Cerebral Palsy Alliance Allambie Heights


Carmel and Blondie

She really does have Blonde bits!!!

State: TAS
Facility: West Ulverstone Primary

Sponsored by: Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania

Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania

Carolyn & Dennis

Carolyn & Dennis and Kacee see what a difference our visits make in cases like this is so, so special and rewarding.

Facility: Southport Special School


Daphne and Harvey

Harvey and Heather’s story began 5 years ago...

State: QLD
Facility: Masonic Village


Deborah and Murphy

Being a newbie can be a little daunting, but Murphy who started out as a therapy dog this year has learnt a few things along the way.

Today, Murphy’s therapy dog team shares three tips that helped him start out with Delta and could help someone starting a new job, learning something for the first time, or just starting a new week.

State: NSW


Elle and Fletcher

OUR STORY: (from Fletcher’s point of view)

State: VIC
Facility: Northpark Private Hospital


Ellen and Henry

For any new experience it can be scary but when you are volunteering with your dog we say you need to expect the unexpected and you will be rewarded.

State: NSW
Facility: Opal Windward Manor


Frank and Gracie

"Gracie and I are so proud to be part of this wellness programme and grateful to the Debbie Jesser Fund for supporting us".

State: VIC
Facility: Ballarat Health Services - Wellness Centre

Sponsored by: Debbie Jesser Fund


Gavin and Nanook

Red Bandanna sponsorship - A day in the life of Gavin & Nanook.

State: QLD
Facility: Lady Cilento Children's Hospital

Sponsored by: Holistic Select

Holistic Select


Geoff and Millie

Giving hope to those that need it most!

State: NSW
Facility: Henley Ward


Heather and Riley

State: NSW
Facility: Mullauna Village Blacktown

Sponsored by: The Saunders Family


Jacqueline and Knoxy

State: WA
Facility: Regis Greenmount


Janina and Pepper

The young guy that was sitting there then stood up and said to me: "Can I ask you something?" "Of course you can" I answered. "Are you from Germany?" "Yes I am" and he said "Me too" after some quick small talk he continued "...I just wanted to let you know that I really appreciate what you are doing. It made my day.

State: VIC
Facility: Melbourne Health - Northern Psychiatric Unit


Jolene and Indy

It was rewarding for me to see the joy that Indy gave to his new friends. I’m really happy to share with them such a beautiful dog.

State: NSW
Facility: Holy Spirit Croydon


Juliana and Ruby

Meet the newest member of the St John of God team

State: VIC
Facility: St John of God Bendigo


Julie and Stormy

I like well trained dogs, so I spent time training her and it was easy, she is so well behaved.

State: QLD
Facility: Villa Maria Centre


Julieanne and Harrison

The residents seem to get a lot out of it as well and enjoy his company. They look forward to his visits, just as much as we look forward to visiting

State: NSW
Facility: Russell Lea Aged Care

Sponsored by: Petersham RSL


Kath and Banjo

"I know I can't help these patients medically, but Banjo and I can help them in a way that no medicine can, by just being there for them."

State: VIC
Facility: Ballarat Health Services - Wellness Centre

Sponsored by: Debbie Jesser Fund


Kay and Bonnie

"Hello, My Name is Bonnie and I’m a Delta Therapy Dog"

State: NSW
Facility: The Grange at Courtlands Retirement Village


Kaye and Matilda

It's been a long journey but finally Kaye & Matilda get their much wanted placement!

State: VIC
Facility: Cabrini Hospital


Ken and Gina

There is a lot of personal satisfaction in contributing back to the community. I feel I have made a difference to some of the clients I have visited if only for a short while in bringing a smile to their face and cheering them up and giving them someone else to say hello to besides staff.

State: NSW
Facility: Sutherland Hospital Acute Mental health


Kevin and Grace

Full of "Grace" at Eliza Purton Nursing Home

State: TAS
Facility: Eliza Purton Home


Kim and Sara

"It has enriched our lives and gets me out of bed in the morning""

State: NSW
Facility: Elizabeth House


Kim and Barney

Barney leaned over and put his head on Elizabeth’s pillow and there he stayed for ages.

State: VIC
Facility: Nazareth House


Kylie and Taz

Whilst I sign in, his job is to greet any one coming through the front door. Most are greeted with a woo and a huge tail wag.

State: NSW
Facility: Murray Valley Private - Oncology Ward

Sponsored by: Debbie Jesser Fund

Debbie Jesser Fund

Kylie & Phil

Kylie & Phil and Taz

During Taz and our visits to Murray Gardens we have become part of a large extended family.

State: NSW
Facility: Murray Gardens Retirement Village

Sponsored by: Debbie Jesser Fund


Les and Leah

“The patient is blind and did not ever show emotion. The moment he felt Leah’s fur he smiled and continued to do so.”

State: NSW
Facility: Cardinal Freeman Nursing Home


Liz and Petey

I have a lovely story that I always tell people when they ask what/why Therapy dogs exist.

State: VIC


Louise and Jackson

This day proved to be a turning point for Mandy. Not long after this visit, she left the rehabilitation ward and was transferred to the hospital sub-acute unit to hopefully transition to going home.

State: QLD
Facility: Townsville Hospital Foundation

Sponsored by: Snap Insurance Group

Snap Insurance Group


Lyn and Harriet

Harriet says: "So many exciting things happen during our visit, and morning tea is one of the highlights".

State: QLD
Facility: RSL Retirement Village Rowes Bay


Lynn and Alfie

On Alfie's birthday some residents had little birthday parcels of doggy treats to give to him. In a recent survey, when asked ‘what is the one thing about the village you would change’ one resident replied ‘have more dog visits’.

State: NSW
Facility: St Lukes Village

Lynne Morey

Lynne Morey and Willow

State: NSW
Facility: Genesis Cancer Centre

Sponsored by: Debbie Jesser Memorial Fund

Debbie Jesser Memorial Fund


Marcelle and Franki

Frankie with one of the Monash Health Oncology Doctors

State: VIC
Facility: Moorabbin Hospital Oncology Unit - Monash Health


Margaret and Harley

By the way, I wore my Bandanna with such pride!!

State: NSW
Facility: Belmont High School & St Lukes Calvary Silver Circ

Sponsored by: Dogoverboard


Marlene and Clifton

"I have found our visits fulfilling, rewarding, happy and sad at the same time".

State: VIC
Facility: Sherbrooke Private Nursing Home


Matenia and Paris & Maurice

I have been told that all dogs have these incredible senses but I think some dogs are better than others.

State: NSW
Facility: The Marion


Michael and Dusty

"The healing process for both Michael ad Dusty has been incredible to witness and the work has made such a huge difference to their lives".

State: VIC
Facility: Karingal Inc Community Programs


Morgan and LJ

We SO appreciated you bringing LJ by Craig's room to be a warm and friendly buddy. The work you do visiting patients, particularly those like my dear hubby who are so unwell and often have little novelty experiences to look forward to, beyond hospital life, is extremely significant. We know from our own experience that our lovable dogs lighten the mood and their unconditional love and accepting nature breaks through the grief of suffering.

State: VIC
Facility: St John of God Hospital Berwick


Nicole and Chausette

"I felt Chausette and I as a team had something to offer people who are less fortunate through age, illness or ability."

State: NSW
Facility: Retired


Norma and Shelley

We usually meet in the craft room, where jewellery is made for the unit annual open day and this week some of the patients decided to adorn Shelley with some bling!

State: ACT
Facility: Calvary Mental Health Unit

Pauline & Chris

Pauline & Chris and Luca

Lovely Luca in Laidly

State: QLD
Facility: Karinya Village


Phillipa and Wally

What does a therapy dog do in a women's prison?

State: VIC
Facility: Dame Phyllis Frost Centre - Marmak Unit (Forensica


Rachel and Daisy

They talk to her like she is a person and she just sits there with that big smile on her face and waits for her pats. It’s a win win!

State: SA
Facility: Adelaide Immigration Transit


Robert and Bob

“Everybody loves Bob– he is the star of the show. I am just the chauffeur!”

State: SA
Facility: Retired

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