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Kay and Bonnie

Type of dog:

Golden Retriever




The Grange at Courtlands Retirement Village


Since July 2008

Hello, My Name is Bonnie and I’m a Delta Therapy Dog.

I’m a female Golden Retriever and my first home was with a young family however they were very busy so couldn’t adequately walk and play with me so I was put up for adoption by Retriever Rescue.

My new family gave me a fun and loving home with a new kennel to sleep in, but I love the great outdoors and didn’t like the kennel so they gave it to another dog.  I enjoy sleeping on my trampoline bed and on cold nights really love my snuggle bed that is outside the back door, my favourite sleeping area. 

Life has changed so much for me now as I go on lots of walks and visit interesting places.  Mum takes me to obedience training where we eventually did quite well at trials (Mum was a slow learner). Dad, Mum and I also go on caravan holidays swimming and fishing. I love to go fishing in Dad’s tinny and get very excited when they catch a fish, travelling around the countryside is fun.

The best thing Mum and I have done is to become a Delta Therapy Team where every week we visit elderly residents in a nursing home. 

I love visiting day!!

Firstly in the morning, I receive special pampering from Mum, nails clipped, ears cleaned, fur brushed and also have to have my teeth cleaned. Yuk!  Then after a light breakfast we put on our uniforms and jump in Mum’s car to head off to see my friends. 

The staff, residents and their families have all become my friends and most really love me. Let me tell you about a few of my very, very special friends. 

David was my first special pal, he didn’t have any family and was so happy to see me; he always had a tasty treat for me sometimes it was cheese and savoury biscuits.  Every time we entered David’s room he had a big smile for us even when he was sick or tired.  One day he wasn’t in his room so I looked everywhere for him until Mum told me he was in hospital and would be home soon.  I did miss him! 

On another occasion after I had my treat of course, and David and Mum had their usual chat we were off to visit other residents.  On the return walk past David’s room, I had a nagging urge to re visit him, I had never done this before so I dragged Mum along too, as it turned out this was to be our last visit with David as sadly he passed away a few days later.  We were unhappy but we know we had a special place in his heart and he, a special space in our heart.

I have been a therapy dog now for 5 years and have met many lovely people, I really enjoy this wonderful time.  Some residents really are dog lovers and others tolerate my visits, happy to socialise with Mum, doesn’t matter to me we just try and bring a little sunshine into their lives.

Among all the residents we visit every week I now have two favourite ladies.

Billie loves me very much, sometimes she is asleep in her chair and I give her a kiss to let her know we have arrived.  Billie enjoys my kisses the more the better, she also allows me to share her pet’s water bowl so I can have a drink in her room on a hot day.  One day I met Angel, her family pet and we became good buddies.  Billie is always delighted by our visit and I love her delicious treats, shortbread is my special reward.

Lorna is also a favourite, her family supply doggie treats for me which are healthy and yummy.  On a warm day Lorna gives me a bowl so I can have a drink on her balcony.  All my friends miss me heaps when Mum and Dad take me on holidays.

Mum and I really enjoy being a Therapy Team especially as we feel that we make a difference to the well-being of these frail community members who themselves have given much during their lives.

Well I’m off to visit more friends, thanks for reading my story.

                                         Kay & Bonnie visiting

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