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Bobbee and Basko

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Waldreas Village


Since October 2012

My name is Basko (correctly known as Rosarott Basko's Pride) and that's 'cause my Dad was Goodiesway Basko. You may have seen him in the TV series 'Kath and Kim'? He was the very handsome Rottweiler in this program, and while I am just as handsome, I don't yet have my own TV show. At Delta we don't stand on formalities, so I am just 'Basko'.

I was born on November 2nd 2010 and we visit the residents at Waldreas Aged Care Facility in Victoria. I share my house with two Rottweiler friends Greta and Morgan (older than me but really very nice as well). I the one with the curly tail in the picture - I am very special!!

Mum started the habit of giving residents 'treats' to give me so I just love our time at Waldreas. One elderly lady keeps a jar of Scotch Finger biscuits just for me. I know now where they are kept and I remind her very quickly when I arrive, just in case she has forgotten.

I do lots of other things in my life. Mum and I compete in all sorts of dog competitions, and like my friends Greta and Morgan, I have titles in formal Obedience, Rally Obedience, Herding and Tracking. I am a little annoyed however as Mum has damaged her knee and it looks as though we will not get to compete in Agility.

I get such a good feeling from knowing that the residents I visit enjoy touching me and cuddling me. It is so very special to see the light in their eye when I arrive. It would be really good if more people could share their dogs with people that love the touch and feel of an animal.

Love 'n licks - Basko


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