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Kath and Banjo

Type of dog:

Shih Tzu X Poodle




Ballarat Health Services - Wellness Centre


June 2004

Sponsored by:

Debbie Jesser Fund

One day, Banjo and I were in the waiting area for patients waiting to go into the Chemotherapy treatment room.  A lady came in who was obviously unwell, and Banjo immediately jumped up and cuddled up on the lady's knee.  The patient loved it, and Banjo had a profound effect on her.  We sat with the lady until an orderly arrived with a wheelchair to take her up to the ward.  Banjo was very reluctant to leave the patient, and it was sad as he struggled to get away from me, to get back on the lady's lap. 

Fortunately, the patient did well, and I saw her again recently and Banjo recognised her, because he settled down on her lap again very quickly.  Banjo is so intuitive when it comes to sensing a patients need for comfort.

I do love visiting the patients in the Wellness Centre, because I have now witnessed first-hand the positive reaction from many of the patients, and I am so proud to call Banjo mine.  I am very lucky, and I love to share the joy he brings to so many people.

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