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Carmel and Blondie

Type of dog:

Belgian Shepherd X Curly Coated Retriever




West Ulverstone Primary


January 2012

Sponsored by:

Royal Automobile Club of TasmaniaRoyal Automobile Club of Tasmania

Earlier this year, our Devonport Co-ordinator Claire applied for a grant with the Royal Automobile Club of Tasmania (RACT) to support the Delta Classroom Canines program in West Ulverstone Primary, Tasmania.

It was with delight that we received a grant that will now be used to support the program for the next two years.

Our first ever team was accredited in Carmel and Blondie and they began their visits to the school with much delight to the children. Carmel & Blondie visit weekly on a Wednesday and on a recent visit we invited Kylie & Yvette from RACT to come along to see the effects Blondie has on the children in the classroom.

The children were very excited to explain to Kylie & Yvette about Blondie, how she does have some blonde on her and they knew exactly where it was. 

They said Blondie has her own glasses too so she can help with some of the trickier words!  They also commented that she was very well behaved.

Claire, our co-ordinator asked the children if they enjoyed Blondie coming and there was a Definite Yes!

Claire mentioned that she had heard that Blondie has a habit of falling asleep on the job sometimes and this was meet with a parody of laughter and plenty of nodding heads. She went on to explain that there reading must be so good and relaxing!

They also really like how Blondie searches through the book for her special treat at the end, she even uses her paw as well as her nose to turn the pages quicker...

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