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Kylie & Phil

Kylie & Phil and Taz

Type of dog:

Border Collie




Murray Gardens Retirement Village


November 2013

Sponsored by:

Debbie Jesser Fund

Most of our visits start with the front doors gliding open and Taz marching in and greeting the residents and staff with a woo ,woo ,woo. After signing in and the staff cuddles at the office we start our visit. First stop is some of the card players. He checks to see that no cheating is happening and occasionally messes their cards up. Next stop is the craft group and a nose in every bag of knitting just in case they might have a treat. The ladies just love him at craft. A number of them spend time just running their hands through his coat and ear rubs are high on the list to.

We then visit a number of residents in their rooms. We visit with Reg and Elise, on one occasion we arrived and only Reg was in his chair, Elsie was in the other room Taz was looking for her and as she appeared around the door he gave her on of his special woofs and if to say there you are. Her face just lit up. The pleasure he gives this couple is just amazing.

On our very first visit we meet a gentleman named Paul. Paul had not interacted with anything outside his room in over 12 months. Our first visit was a challenge but over time Paul looked forward to our visits. Even to the point that he set his watch by us and we would get asked where had we been as we were late. Paul and Taz quickly became firm friends. Taz would go to sleep at Paul’s feet on many a visit.

Both Taz , Phil and I enjoy our visits very much. It is a pleasure to share Taz with others; he has so much love to give.

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