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Carolyn & Dennis

Carolyn & Dennis and Kacee

Type of dog:

Golden Retriever



Southport Special School


November 2009

Last Wednesday, we made our usual visit to the School.  One of the girls aged about 10 or 11 in one of the many classes we visit had just returned to school having spent some time up in Brisbane having a brain operation before the school holidays.

When we usually visit, she is very tense - can't talk, is tube fed and almost fitting and jerking all the time.  After many visits, we were just getting to the stage where she would look at Kacee with her carer holding her but still moving unrelentlessly - still things were improving but we never pushed anything because we didn't want to put stress onto her.

BUT this week she returned to school - no hair and huge scars on her head from her brain surgery and the carer/teacher thought she might still be a little bit uneasy with Kacee but I'm so happy to report that she has stopped the jerking movements and is on only half her medications AND SHE SMILED WHEN SHE SAW KACEE!!!!! Who Hoo!!

Not only that, she actually let her foot touch Kacee's soft ears and actually smiled and giggled - never has this happened before.  We have never seen her smile in all the years we have been visiting and everyone was amazed and really touched and emotional.  It made out day!  Her teacher said that her mother would be so pleased to know how she reacted to Kacee.  Again it's only early days but to see what a difference our visits make in cases like this is so, so special and rewarding. 

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