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Kylie and Taz

Type of dog:

Border Collie




Murray Valley Private - Oncology Ward


November 2013

Sponsored by:

Debbie Jesser FundDebbie Jesser Fund

Taz and I started visiting the oncology unit at Murray Valley Private Hospital late October 2014 Right from the start we have been made to feel very welcome and Taz has made himself at home.

Our visits start with greeting the receptionist at the front desk with his paws up for a pat.  Whilst I sign in, his job is to greet any one coming through the front door. Most are greeted with a woo and a huge tail wag. We then start our rounds.

First stop the waiting room of the day oncology unit. Many a bag is inspected on the way in for treats and lots of hugs and pats to help those waiting for their treatments. Then we are off into treatment area. He has come to know many of the regulars and greets all in turn with “I want and need a Murray Valley Private photo 1pat look at me!” by nudging his nose under their hand and even throws in the trick of leaning of people for attention.  One couple who are there regularly take a photo to add to their collection and Taz is an important part of their video diary for their family and friends each month.

Most visits the staff can be found taking selfies with Taz. I do have to keep a firm grip on his lead as I am sure they would take him home if they could. I have had many an offer to dog sit if we need one. The staff get just as much out of these visits as the patients. One of the cleaning ladies has claimed him as her dog and I am sure she follows us around so she can get her extra share of cuddles. Taz has helped on days that have been really hard and all the staff want is a hug with no strings. His coat has hidden a few tears.

Next stop the ward.  After stepping out of the lift the nurse’s station is first stop. More pats.We then visit the oncology rooms. One particular visit we have was with a lady who wanted him to get on the bed with her. Before I knew it he was cuddled up and snoozing with her on the bed. The smile and pleasure on her face was just fantastic to see. The same thing happened when we saw her again a couple of weeks later. It is very rewarding just to see the looks on people’s faces. ok.  The staff were yet again in tears.

On one of my first visits we meet a lady who was not well. I was warned that she was so excited that Taz was coming to visit her as she was an animal lover. Sure enough as we entered the room she started to cry and thanked me for bringing Taz to see her. They cuddled and smooched while family took photos to the two. The following week, the family asked if I would visit her. She was not responding to anybody. Taz walked up to the bed that the staff had lowered to the floor, pushed his nose under her arm asking for a pat. She responded.  Job Done!!!

Both Taz and I enjoy out visits. It is very rewarding to see the smiles and greetings we receive from patients, visitors and staff. That is all we need.Our visits are supported by Karl Jesser as part of the Debbie Jesser Memorial Fund.  This wonderful contribution  has allowed us to share with others the love and simple pleasure of a cuddle and pat with our four legged friends.

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