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Phillipa and Wally

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Dame Phyllis Frost Centre - Marmak Unit (Forensica


December 2015

Phillipa and her 8 year old cavoodle, Wally describe their first visit at Dame Phyllis Frost Centre - Marmak unit (Forensicare)

“It was AMAZING! Today we visited both the Marrmak & Murray units. There were five small groups of women and everyone was lovely. They absolutely loved Wally! I heard many stories of dogs that had to be given up when they came to prison or of dogs waiting for them when they get out.  

It was incredible to watch Wally in action. He was friendly and went to everyone to say hello for pats, but he did 'pick' a few women that he gave special attention to. 

Wally has a very distinctive hug when he is relaxed and he leans right in on you and if he is on your lap will turn his head and put it on your shoulder. He did this for a few of the women and it was amazing to watch their reactions to it.

There was one woman who was incredibly loud and overbearing when we first walked in. I was worried she might ruin the visit with her behaviour. However, when we sat around on the couches, he 'picked' her. He settled in on her lap and leaned right in with his head on her shoulder. She sank into the chair with her eyes closed and a smile on her face and she just exhaled. You could see the heightened energy just drop right out of her. It was so incredible to watch. Even she recognised it, commenting that it was amazing how a dog can change your energy.

I was so buoyed by the experience and was surprised by my own reaction. I didn't expect that I would get so much out of it myself.

I just know that I am going to love being a Delta volunteer!”

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