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Daphne and Harvey

Type of dog:

German Shepherd




Masonic Village


May 2011

Harvey and Heather’s story began 5 years ago...

They first met when German Shepherd, Harvey was just a 4 month old puppy. Delta volunteer, Daphne had been visiting Heather with her first Delta Therapy Dog, Elli for a number of years. Unfortunately, she lost Elli quite suddenly to cancer and Heather mourned her loss as much as Daphne. To help them both recover, the nursing home staff allowed Daphne to take Harvey in to see Heather and a number of the other residents.

Harvey was your typical boisterous, playful, young German Shepherd pup who just loved life and could not stay still. From the first time Heather and Harvey met, they loved each other. Harvey never attempted to get on any other bed, and still doesn’t. He was, and still is, content to lie on Heather’s bed for as long as she wishes him to be there. He does not look for treats or any other reward, apart from the pats and cuddles that his best friend willingly gives him.  Harvey has the remarkable ability to always bring a smile to Heather’s face just by being there.

Harvey demonstrates the human-animal bond remarkably improves our quality of life and leaves a lasting paw print on our hearts.

Harvey 5 months   Harvey 18 months

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