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Juliana and Ruby

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St John of God Bendigo


January 2016

Meet the newest member of the St John of God team

St John of God Hospital Bendigo is embarking on a new initiative with the introduction of pet therapy.

Pet therapy is client centred and has a holistic approach that is used to enhance patients emotional, cognitive, social and physical wellbeing.

Nurse Unit Manager of the Rehabilitation ward, Louise Harrison has said “Many of our patients live alone and their pets are such an important thing in their lives. Our patients have spent weeks to months in hospital and the distraction of a pet is really good, it also encourages conversation”.

RubyPet therapy recognises that the close bonds between people and animals can be beneficial to an individual’s wellbeing.

Delta Therapy dogs are already visiting patients in a number of St John of God Hospitals, including Ballarat, Geelong, Frankston, Burwood and North Richmond. They are providing unconditional, non-judgemental love and affection. They are helping people feel connected to a larger, more welcoming world and have shown their work with patients has extremely positive results.

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