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Pauline & Chris

Pauline & Chris and Luca

Type of dog:

Alaskan Malamute




Karinya Village


May 2014

Pauline & Chris have been visiting Karinya Aged Care facility in Laidly for over 2 years with their malamute Luca.

Chris says “Our time there has been an absolute joy to us, the residents & Luca. We visit every second weekend & spend time chatting with the residents of Karinya while Miss Luca is always ready to show them her beautiful smile & come up close for some cuddles.

Luca loves visiting one particular resident, Suzanne, who likewise is always delighted to see her. Without fail she welcomes Luca onto her bed for a cuddle.

It is reactions like this from all the residents that make our volunteer visits very special to both Pauline & myself, the smiles & stories of past owned dogs by the residents fill us with joy to be able to spread a little happiness to those who cannot live in their own homes any more.

A big thank you must also be sent to Dogs QLD, who are Red Bandanna sponsors for Luca & us. Helen, from Dogs QLD in particular has been a wonderful supporter of Delta & especially Luca.

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