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Heather and Riley

Type of dog:

Golden Retriever




Mullauna Village Blacktown


August 2015

Sponsored by:

The Saunders Family

Three year old golden retriever, Riley has been visiting residents at Mullauna Village once a week for the past year. Each visit starts with greeting the card and domino players in the tea room, then heading off to visit residents in their rooms. The number of residents varies each week but Riley loves to stop for a chat and pat with each one.

Riley has many special friends at Mullauna, amongst them is Tom who gives the best belly rubs!  Dot whose bed is exactly the right height so Riley can join her for a cuddle.  June who is a cat person … but Riley is slowly winning her over! Also, John who has a much anticipated stash of biscuits.

Riley loves her visits to Mullauna Village. She is up pacing around in anticipation an hour before leaving the house and leaps out of the car to the entrance. Riley was a rescue dog who was surrendered because she kept escaping from her previous owners, but now she has definitely found a place she loves to be.

It is a pleasure to visit with the residents at Mullauna Village and share some time with them. We  would also like to thank the Saunders Family who sponsor Riley through the Red Bandanna Club.  

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