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Norma and Shelley

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Calvary Mental Health Unit


May 2016

Both Shelley and I are enjoying our visits to 2N. It is very sad to see the patients, some so very young, struggling so much with their illness. Shelley is making a difference to the patients, staff and visitors alike.

We usually meet in the craft room, where jewellery is made for the unit annual open day and this week some of the patients decided to adorn Shelley with some bling! 

There are occasions when Helen, the coordinator, asks us to visit certain patients who are reluctant to come out of their rooms and our last visit we were asked to see a young lady. The door was closed, so I knocked and opened the door slightly and introduced myself and asked if she wanted to see Shelley. She said ‘she was not a dog person and had only ever owned cats, ‘but come in anyway’.

Shelley and I stood by her bed and we just spoke for a few minutes, I then asked if Shelley could get onto her bed. She was quite tentative at the beginning and said she had a slight fear of dogs. Anyway, up Shelley gets and lays down beside her, Shelley rolls over onto her back for a tummy rub and the young lady continued to stroke her for a good 10 minutes, while we talked. When it came time for us to leave,  she became teary and thanked me a number of times for bringing Shelley into to see her. She said it was the ‘best feeling she had had for some time’. I said we would be back next Wednesday and asked if she would she like to see Shelley again. ‘Yes, I would like that’, was her answer!


I’m so very proud of my sweet little ‘whippy’ and the work she is doing. She is so calm and patient and just seems to have a sense of compassion. I know a lot of dogs have this, however, I feel my little ‘Shelley belly’ is just so special and I just love her to bits! 

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