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Lynn and Alfie

Type of dog:

Cavalier King Charles




St Lukes Village



Kath enjoys the Therapy Dog visits and likes to have Alfie sit beside her for cuddles.

On Alfie's birthday some residents had little birthday parcels of doggy treats to give to him. In a recent survey, when asked ‘what is one thing about the village you would change’ one resident replied ‘have more dog visits’.

We have been visiting an aged acre facility in Dapto. We both really enjoy Tuesday afternoons.  As soon as his bandana goes on Alfie knows he is on duty.

He knows which residents especially like him, which ones he can greet with a kiss and which he can't. He even recognises one resident who is scared of dogs and if she approaches us, he will transfer to my right hand side, so she can pass without passing closely to him.

Residents know that we visit on Tuesday's and are usually waiting for us. I get as much out of our visits as the residents do, especially when I can see that Alfie makes a difference. One person was depressed, not eating speaking or leaving the bed, but came looking for us when hearing we were visiting.

There are residents that buy him packets of treats and even bite chocolate off ice blocks, so he can have one too. Alfie is on a grain free diet because he has allergies, so I have to be vigilant to stop residents feeding him biscuits etc that they have saved for him.

We love our time with the residents. So much so, that I volunteer without Alfie for one day per week.

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