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Robert and Bob

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Since April 2005

Bob he came to us after spending time behind bars (Lucindale Council pound). He has made efforts to change his life (including Cert Dog Obedience Grade 5) and is now actively repaying his debt to society as a Delta Therapy Dog.

Bob is fortunate as he has two handlers: my partner Helen is also accredited with Bob. This means that even when I can’t make it, Bob still does.

I have always been involved in some form of volunteer work from St John Ambulance, Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network, Driving and Mechanical support for Bicycle SA, Cycle mechanic for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundations annual bike ride, etc. Back in 2005 I saw an advertisement that Delta had put in the paper and decided that both Bob & I would fit the bill. Bob enjoys the attention and I enjoy being able to help people.

I am very proud of Bob, but I also enjoy being able to help people. It’s nice to feel you’re doing your bit to make the world that little bit better for someone else.

Everybody loves Bob – he is the star of the show. I am just the chauffer! Patients that are just lying there with glazed eyes will often spark up and “come to life”, often people want to go to sleep with Bob up on their bed. Just to see the change in their face when they see Bob is a wonderful thing.

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