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Matenia and Paris & Maurice

Type of dog:

Poodle & Miniature Poodle




The Marion


February 2016

I was visiting the Marion with Paris.

We had visited the four dementia wards and went upstairs to visit other residents – there are some specific residents that respond well to Paris but they were not in their rooms.  So I went down to the coffee shop to see if I could find them there.

There was a couple having a coffee and Paris went and sat next to the lady – after a little chat and their patting of Paris I went to leave but Paris refused to budge.  I asked the lady if she was feeling down and she said no.  I said, “that is strange when people are feeling down she does not want to leave them”.  The lady’s eyes welled up and she said they had received a call and were going to visit her mother for the last time.  They asked if I could go with them to visit the mother as she loved dogs.

The lady was in one of the dementia wards but she was not one of those people I was told to visit.  So we went with the couple to visit the ladies mother.  I put Paris on the bed and the lady just broke into this amazing huge smile.  It was one of those amazing moment that you will always cherish.  The daughter was crying, the husband had watering eyes but Paris just looked at the lady with loving eyes and snuggled into her.

After a while I said we should go and give them special time.  I got Paris off the bed but she refused to go.  The couple were very upset but very touched.  I told them she would not go until they told her they were OK and she could leave them.

That was a hard day.  My dog Paris is a fantastic Delta dog.  My dog is smarter than me.  Delta dogs bring so much happiness to the elderly and do provide comfort to their families.

I have been told that all dogs have these incredible senses but I think some dogs are better than others.

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