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Liz and Petey

Type of dog:

Staffy Cross





July 2016

On one of my first visits to Arlington Aged Care there was a very frail woman that was quite isolated and confined to her bed. She had soft toy dogs and pictures of dogs all over her room and when I brought Petey in to visit him she teared up with joy asking if he could come on her bed. She proceeded to cuddle and pat him, singing quietly to him for about 10 minutes. She keep sniffing her hands and burying her face in his fur. She told me that she had had dogs her entire life and since moving to the home, this was the first time she’s ever lived without them. She said she missed the way they smell so much that she wanted him and his fur in her bed, on her clothes and all over her hands so she could hold on to the smell of dogs and the joy they’d brought her throughout her life for as long as she could. 

Needless to say I had tears in my eyes by the end of it. We always made sure to pay her a special visit until we stopped being able to go to the Centre regularly, and Petey always brought her so much joy. 

This was Petey and I visiting at Christmas.

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