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Louise and Jackson

Type of dog:

Standard Poodle




Townsville Hospital Foundation


August 2008

Sponsored by:

Snap Insurance GroupSnap Insurance Group

One Saturday, several members of our local Delta Therapy Dogs branch were doing a promotion and fundraising event at the Castletown Shopping Centre. During our time at this event, a young woman whom we shall call Mandy, came out of the lift near us. Mandy was in a wheelchair. 

Although there were several Delta dogs in attendance, once Mandy saw Jackson, she pushed herself in her wheelchair over to us.  She then proceeded to tell us that we had visited her in the hospital rehabilitation ward.  On this particular day of our visit, she was having a terrible day and was in tears on the corridor.  Jackson noticed her and went up and introduced himself.  He was given lots of pats and cuddles by Mandy.

This day proved to be a turning point for Mandy.  Not long after this visit, she left the rehabilitation ward and was transferred to the hospital sub-acute unit to hopefully transition to going home.  She is still a patient of the sub-acute unit and is now receiving visits from Millie, another one of our beautiful hospital Delta dogs. 

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