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Anne and Kiji

Type of dog:

Border Collie




Henry Kendal Nursing Home


November 2016

Sponsored by:

Shirley Nepean FundShirley Nepean Fund

I have a little story that completely caught me off guard the first time I went to the Nursing Home with my dog.

I am Anne and I have a 9 year old Border collie called Kiji.

On our first visit at Henry Kendal Nursing Home, in early 2017, we were introduced to the residents by one of the activity officers.

In one room which had 4 beds.  We stopped near a gentleman and immediately Kiji sat next to the bed and nudged the resident with his nose.  Kiji got the desired response: a pat on the head.  This went on for several minutes.

 And we left.

 In the corridor, the activity officer stopped me and said: "this resident is in palliative care...."

 I had no idea.

 The following week, this particular resident was not there anymore.

 Kiji had sensed that something was not right.  He had never done this before and has not done it since.

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