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Morgan and LJ

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St John of God Hospital Berwick


July 2017

We would love to share this letter with our friends on Facebook to remind everyone just how important our Therapy teams are and what we do for the people we visit.

 Hi Morgan,

Craig was discharged a week ago and we're gradually settling into our 'new normal' at home. Our furbabies Nugget (who you met) and 9m old Skye are delighted to have daddy home! We're in the process of actively preparing for Craig's parting. It is a strange, deeply sad, yet also comforting season to be journeying through.

We SO appreciated you bringing LJ by Craig's room to be a warm and friendly buddy. The work you do visiting patients, particularly those like my dear hubby who are so unwell and often have little novelty experiences to look forward to, beyond hospital life, is extremely significant. We know from our own experience that our lovable dogs lighten the mood and their unconditional love and accepting nature breaks through the grief of suffering. God sure created them as 'man's (and woman's) best friend' so they can be used in such precious ways!

 Here's the photos we took the other day. Feel free to use them in ways that would be helpful to promote the wonderful impact of dog therapy and the delightful LJ.

 I thank God for you, the Delta team and hospitals like SJOG that are bringing patient’s joy through this special offering.

With the warmest hugs for you and LJ,

 Jane and Craig, Nugget and Skye xx xx


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