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Geoff and Millie

Type of dog:

Hungarian Vizla




Henley Ward


February 2018

Geoff and Millie shared this story with us recently.

Millie visits the Macquarie Hospital - Mental Health Ward every week. All the patients come out into the courtyard to see their favourite dog.

One patient, I’ll call him “Andrew” was very reserved and quiet and never really wanted any contact.

Initially in the first few weeks Millie just sat quietly next to him, looking up with her big brown eyes. Eventually Millie worked her magic and is now giving Andrew lots of kisses (aka licks), and he loves her licking his beard!

Andrew is now one of the first patients to come outside to see Millie when she visits.

This week the Supervisor told me that Andrew has decided to become a Dog Trainer when he leaves the hospital, due primarily to the result of his happy times with Millie and their close bond.

This young man now has a positive direction for his future life. A great result for a Delta Dog!

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