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Gavin and Nanook

Type of dog:

Alaskan Malamute




Lady Cilento Children's Hospital


September 2015

Sponsored by:

Holistic SelectHolistic Select
This week we had our Red Bandanna Sponsor (Holistic Select) join us on our weekly visit to the Lady Cilento Children’s Hospital here in Brisbane.

To be honest, it was a great visit. Debbie (our sponsor) was pretty much in awe of the impact that a Therapy dog can make.

As soon as we exited the elevators there were children and families that saw Nanook and just exploded with smiles and asked for a pat. Conversations just flowed about Delta and the work that we do.

Once we started our rounds on the wards, Debbie’s smile turned into such gratification of the work that we do and the differences it makes to the children and the families that we came across.

From pats to cuddles, to just Nanook laying beside a bed was enough to change the mood of the room from gloom to happiness and laughter.

By the end of the shift, Debbie was amazed and appreciative of the work that Nanook and I and all the Delta teams do for the people and children that they help.

So, a very be thank you to you both and to Delta for allowing Holistic Select and Debbie to share what we experience every week.

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