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Marcelle and Franki

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Moorabbin Hospital Oncology Unit - Monash Health


June 2018

Marcelle and Franki share a special bond like many of our volunteers have with their canine companions.

Four year old Schnauzer Franki has been a source of support for Marcelle and since starting their volunteering journey with Delta their bond has strengthened. They have been volunteering at the Moorabbin Hospital Oncology Unit for close to four months and have seen the positive impact of a Delta Therapy dog visit for patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer.

While the discomfort and strain of treatment is extremely difficult for patients, for a moment in time their spirits are uplifted with the enthusiastic presence of Franki. These visits are also meaningful for Marcelle who sadly lost her husband to cancer eight years ago. “For a long time I did not want to talk about or hear about cancer. Going into the oncology unit with Franki concerned my family and friends because they did not know how I would react, but it has had a positive impact on me”

The visits have presented a chance for Marcelle to share her own journey and experiences with patients. Marcelle reflects that in many ways these visits have been restorative for her as well. “So while patients often say how wonderful we are to do this with our dogs, I don’t look at it like that. Everybody benefits from the joy that Franki brings.”

Thank you to Marcelle and Franki for making a difference one paw at a time.     

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