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Lynne Morey

Lynne Morey and Willow

Type of dog:

Mini Groodle




Genesis Cancer Centre


Sponsored by:

Debbie Jesser Memorial FundDebbie Jesser Memorial Fund

When Lynne Morey met a Delta Therapy Dog for the first time it was during a challenging time when her father was receiving treatment for cancer. The family found meeting Delta Therapy Dog team a welcome reprieve from the tests and treatment.

Lynne has always loved being around animals and so volunteering with Delta provided the opportunity to spend more time with her own dog while helping the community.  Lynne applied online to be assessed along with her pooch Willow soon after that first Delta visit.

“I have a heart and passion to be able to help and bless others , so when I saw this beautiful dog Taz on my dad’s bed and of course I had the perfect little pooch at home for the job, I knew in my heart that this is what I wanted to do.”

After undertaking her training at home with Willow, they were thrilled to pass the assessment with flying colours.  Lynne now visits Genesis Cancer Centre and is sponsored by the Debbie Jesser Memorial Fund.

“I know first-hand what this cancer journey is all about and I know first-hand how the patients and careers are feeling in their spirits when we visit. For me being sponsored through the Debbie Jesser foundation and having my placement at the cancer is very special and honouring.”

The Debbie Jesser Memorial Fund was established by the Jesser family in honour of Debbie who passed away from Ovarian Cancer in 2013. Similar to Lynne, Karl Jesser also witnessed the incredible effects of animal therapy while Debbie was in hospital as her two Jack Russell’s Myf and Bindi provided great comfort to her during their visits.

It is through this generosity during the most challenging of times that we now have a wonderful team in Lynne and Willow. Willow spreads so much joy to the patients at the cancer centre; patients of different backgrounds, ages, and stages of cancer. Their presence brings a welcome distraction with Willow’s heart-warming smile, playful antics, and friendly nature. Lynne just feels lucky to be involved. “We are privileged to be able to spread some joy and laugher into other’s s lives and when we leave my heart is just as full. Dogs do make a difference.”

Find out more about the Debbie Jesser Memorial Fund and other ways to support the work of Delta Society.  You can also find out more about the importance of early detection and treatment for Ovarian Cancer.

Delta Society thanks Karl Jesser and family for their generosity and continued support of our work and supporting patients and hospitals.

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