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Volunteer stories



Robin and Rafa

Delta’s logo perfectly sums up the joy that Delta Therapy Dogs brings – to the residents we visit, to us – and most importantly, to Rafa.

State: NSW
Facility: Awaiting Placement


Roz and Flash

"When we arrive at the hospital Flash has an ability to alter his body language and behaviour according to who he is meeting."

State: VIC
Facility: Melbourne Health- Parkville Rehab


Sandra and Chloe

The children get so excited when Chloe walks in each Thursday.

State: QLD
Facility: Heatley State School


Shirley and Millie

The patient was so pleased to see us that he wanted Millie on the bed. After looking at the nurse to confirm if this was ok and she said "Whatever it takes", we sat and talked for about 30 minutes.

State: QLD


Susan and Rosie

Getting old is not for the faint hearted

State: NSW
Facility: Summitcare Penrith

Sponsored by: StatePlus


Suzanne and Gemma

"One day he blew me away, he walked us to his door to say goodbye and actually took a step beyond the door and looked down the hall and he said to me “I never come out here”".

State: NSW
Facility: Lutheran Aged Care

Sponsored by: Debbie Jesser Fund


Viv and Marley

Move over this is my facility... and I'm here to stay

State: NSW
Facility: Sacred Heart Rehabilitation Service


Wendy and Wolfie

"The more stressed the parent is, the more pleased they are to see the dog."

State: QLD
Facility: Royal Children's Hospital Foundation Brisbane

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