Help us to bring joy in 2021!

Here at Delta Therapy Dogs we’ve been working hard all year to make sure we can continue to bring joy during a year that has challenged us all in different ways.


While we’ve all braved the same storm, our experiences have differed which makes our purpose to connect with each other and bring joy more important than ever.


As an organisation we’ve mobilised our staff and volunteer Therapy Dog teams to remain safe and united so that we can continue to meet the needs of our communities around Australia.


Your donation to help us bring joy in 2021 will go directly to supporting our Therapy Dog teams visit residents in aged care facilities, patients receiving treatment in hospitals, and students who are adapting to new ways of learning.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible. 

Thank you for your generous support.

Delta Therapy Dogs - Reading.png

Donate $30

Support a Delta Therapy Dog Team to visit two classrooms to help students settle into a new year of learning.

Delta Therapy Dogs - Friendly Pat.png

Donate $100

Help Delta Therapy Dog teams meet and comfort forty people taking refuge in a homeless shelter.

Delta Therapy Dog - Aged Care.png

Donate $50

Help Delta Therapy Dog teams visit twenty residents in an aged care facility that helps connection and reduce social isolation.


Surprise us!

Make a donation of your choice as an individual, team, or family to help us bring joy in 2021!

Delta Therapy Dogs - Hospital.png

Donate $75

Support Delta Therapy Dog teams bring joy to thirty patients  while they recover in hospital.