Paws the Pressure


Would you like a Delta therapy dog session at your workplace or campus? 


Our Paws the Pressure program brings dedicated Delta Therapy Dog Teams to offices, organisations and tertiary institutions, in-person and online.


A Delta Therapy Dog session has shown social, emotional, and physiological benefits on health. Our Paws the Pressure program brings Delta Therapy Dog teams to your workplace, school or online meeting to help reduce stress and improve staff and student morale.  We have found staff and students enjoy coming together over a positive interaction that involves a friendly paw-shake and chat with our Delta volunteers. 

We know that helping staff and students during uncertain times is integral to managing the pressures of returning to work in a new COVID-19 safe way of life. It's important to know that we have equipped our Delta Therapy Dog teams to adapt to the needs of the community and all Public Health Orders.

Paws the Pressure sessions benefit individuals and diverse groups, including students, corporate teams, front line service providers, and not-for-profit workers. 


Paws the Pressure therapy dog sessions can be tailored to coincide with:

  • A period of organisational change;

  • Team-building sessions or a relaxed morning tea;

  • Health and well-being days or mental health awareness initiatives ;

  • Student orientation or exam weeks .


Your Paws the Pressure session helps others.

In addition to meeting a friendly Delta Therapy Dog, proceeds from Paws the Pressure sessions help us to continue our mission of helping animals bring joy through our Therapy Dog Program in hospitals, aged care facilities, mental health facilities, palliative care, disability services, correctional facilities and schools. 


Paws the Pressure provides a unique, evidenced-based well-being experience that creates “the best day ever” while helping those who need it most.



Your organisation can book an in-person session for up to 90 minutes or an online session through video conferencing for up to 30 minutes.  The number of Delta Therapy Dog Teams in a session will vary depending on the size of your event and team availability.

In-person sessions can be booked: 

  • as one-off occasions for a particular event such as an RU OK? Day tea; 

  • as a package of four or more sessions for a particular season such as Mental Health Month; 

  • as a yearly contract with one session per month.

Fee Structure 

A 30-minute online session costs $300 + GST and a 90-minute in-person session costs $900 + GST, with a reduced rate when booking four or more visits.  Visits are invoiced after the visit and there is no cancellation fee, though we appreciate as much notice as possible. 
Discounts for in-person sessions are available for not-for-profit organisations and small businesses as our way of giving back to the community and fulfilling our mission of helping animals give joy to people.

To start planning this unique wellbeing opportunity for your school or workplace, click on the “Request a Paws the Pressure session” banner or contact a member of the team .

 (02) 9797 7922


"We had PAWS come for R U OK? Day as a way to alleviate stress in a very high performing environment. I was blown away by the welcome the dogs got - over 200 people came to meet the dogs. Everyone was raving. I've had multiple requests for repeat visits already." 

Price Waterhouse Coopers

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use Delta Therapy Dogs?

  • Delta provides volunteer Therapy Dogs Teams who have been temperment-tested through Delta to share joy in environments like your workplace. Delta Therapy Dogs are reassessed for their suitability every 1-2 years, depending on age.
  • Volunteers are recruited to their role with Delta Therapy Dogs and undergo training and ongoing support. Our Therapy Dog Teams love the work that they do, and thrive on bringing joy to our program beneficiaries.

What benefits will a Delta Therapy Dog session bring to my workplace?

The human-animal bond can impact people and animals in so many positive ways. Research shows therapy dogs can reduce a person’s stress physiologically (cortisol levels) and increase attachment responses that trigger oxytocin – otherwise known as the Love Hormone. Evidence has shown that there is improved physical, social, cognitive, emotional and environmental outcomes for a person who interacts with a dog on a regular basis. Dogs too have been proven to have the same physiological reaction when they have participated in Animal Assisted Interventions. Click here to read more about the benefits of Animal Assisted Interventions.

Will the dogs make a mess?

Our dogs are prepared, walked and relieved before a session, and volunteers monitor their therapy dogs for signs the therapy dogs may need a break during the session.. Additionally, colunteers ensure their dogs are clean, well groomed and prepared before visits. Delta Therapy Dogs are vaccinated and treated regularly for internal and external parasites.

How long does a therapy dog session last?

In-person sessions last between 60 and 90 minutes. Sessions are capped at 90 minutes to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare for our four legged therapeutic friends. Online sessions are capped at 30 minutes.

Can you meet our specific company requirements?

Once we receive your request for a Delta Therapy Dog session, we will contact you to discuss specific visit requirements, such as number of participants, venue particulars and any special staff considerations. We will also discuss how your session will adhere to any pulblic health requirements and how we will ensure a positive experience for all on the day.

How much notice do I need to give for a session?

Ideally, we prefer at least four weeks notice to organise a session for your organisation, especially in busy periods such as Mental Health Month in October. However, we do our best to accommodate all requests.

What is the cost of having a Delta Therapy Dog session at our workplace?

A 60 to 90 minute session generally costs $900 + GST. There is a reduced fee for booking four or more sessions, and a fee reduction for for-purpose organisations.

What happens during a session?

Generally our Therapy Dog Teams begin a session in a common room or area. Our volunteers talk with staff or students about their dog, the work Delta Therapy Dogs does in care facilities all around Australia and answer questions attendees might have. The dogs interact with staff and students offering a pat, a floppy ear to listen or paw to shake. Staff and students get to relax, share stories and connect with animals in their work environment. The teams may also do a walk around the office and meet staff at their desks.

Will a dog run around the office?

It is Delta policy that dogs remain on a lead at all times.

Does Delta Therapy Dogs have Insurance?

Yes, Delta Therapy Dogs have Public Liability Insurance up to $20 million.

How soon will my session be confirmed?

We will be in touch once you have submitted your booking request, usually within two busines days. We normally confirm final numbers of teams two weeks before the session.

How many dogs will come to a session?

Final numbers of Therapy Dogs Teams depend on the size of your event and team availability. While we make every effort to accomodate all requests, please remember that we rely on our hard working volunteers for program delivery, and sometimes this means that numbers or teams can change last minute.