Delta Paws the Pressure Program

Reduce stress and promote wellbeing by booking a Paws the Pressure session.

Would you like Delta Therapy Dogs to come to your workplace or campus? 


Our Paws the Pressure program brings volunteer Delta Therapy Dog Teams to a wide variety of settings as a unique well-being initiative designed to reduce stress and boost morale.  Paws the Pressure sessions are tailored to meet the needs of diverse groups, including students, corporate teams, front line service providers, and not-for-profit workers. 


A Paws the Pressure session involves calming cuddles and friendly paw-shakes with Delta Therapy Dogs, as well as chats with our Delta volunteers, who each have wonderful stories to share about their volunteer journey and the joy their Delta Therapy Dog brings to the community.

Paws the Pressure sessions can be tailored to coincide with:

  • A period of organisational change;

  • Times of operational stress;

  • Team-building sessions or a relaxed morning tea;

  • Wellbeing days and mental health awareness initiatives;

  • Student orientation or exam weeks .






An in-person Paws the Pressure session lasts up to 90 minutes.  While the number of Delta Therapy Dog Teams in a session will vary depending on number of participants and volunteer availability, generally, between 2-5 Delta Therapy Dog Teams will attend a session.

In-person sessions can be booked: 

  • as one-off events; 

  • as a package of four or more sessions; 

  • as a yearly contract with one session per month.

Your Paws the Pressure session helps others.

In addition to meeting a friendly Delta Therapy Dog, proceeds from Paws the Pressure sessions help us to continue to deliver on our purpose of helping animals bring joy through our Therapy Dog Program in hospitals, aged care facilities, mental health facilities, palliative care, disability services, correctional facilities and schools. 


Paws the Pressure provides a unique, evidenced-based well-being experience that creates “the best day ever” while helping those who need it most.

Fee structure for in-person sessions 

A 90-minute in-person session costs $900 + GST, with a reduced rate when booking

four or more sessions.  Discounts for in-person sessions are available for not-for-profit

organisations and small businesses as our way of giving back to the community. 

On booking, please let us know if you are a not-for-profit organisation and if you would

like to book multiple sessions, so we may provide you with an updated quote.

Sessions are normally invoiced after they have occurred and there is no cancellation fee,

though we appreciate as much notice as possible. 

To start planning this unique wellbeing opportunity, click on the “Request a Paws the Pressure session” banner or contact a member of the team .

Are your staff working remotely or unable to be on site for a session? 

The Paws the Pressure program can also be delivered via our Digi-Dogs Program,

either in a live or pre-recorded online session.

An online session allows participants to remain connected with each other and

experience the joy of a Delta Therapy Dog team online, even while working remotely.

If you would like an online session, please contact us to discuss your needs and receive a quote.

 (02) 9797 7922

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"We had PAWS come for R U OK? Day as a way to alleviate stress in a very high performing environment. I was blown away by the welcome the dogs got - over 200 people came to meet the dogs. Everyone was raving. I've had multiple requests for repeat visits already." 

Price Waterhouse Coopers