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Become a Program Partner

Best practice program design, a focus on animal welfare and positive reinforcement training, exceptional volunteers and strong governance underpin our program offerings. 


Delta Therapy Dogs partners with eligible organisations to implement and deliver its programs right across Australia, with our ultimate aim of helping animals and people bring joy to each other.  Our digital programs are also available to vulnerable people isolated at home. 

By partnering with Delta to implement your program you are gaining access to our knowledge and expertise in the delivery of Animal Assisted Interventions. We are here to support you by sharing best practice, providing guidance on human-animal interactions and ensuring the highest level of animal welfare standards. 


Benefits of Partnering with Delta

The benefits of structured programs like those delivered by Delta Therapy Dogs include:

  • volunteers who has gone through robust recruitment and on-boarding, including application, interview, reference check, national police check and successful completion of induction training;

  • dogs who have undergone health screening checks and stringent temperament testing by Assessors who are Cert IV qualified through the Delta Institute;

  • handlers who only utilise only positive reinforcement training, an important element in ensuring our dog's welfare is central to the work;

  • the support of the Delta Therapy Dogs team - Australia's largest provider of Animal Assisted Interventions, who have over two decades of experience in the field, led by a Board of Directors and an Expert Advisory Committee which includes 2 of 3 of Australia's most qualified specialists in veterinary behaviour medicine;

  • strong program governance, including the management of risks and delivery of best practice standards across animal welfare, volunteer management and program management;

  • liability insurance specific to the delivery of Animal Assisted Services and Volunteer Accident Insurance; and

  • the backing of the Delta Institute, Delta Therapy Dog's Registered Training Organisation which delivers Cert IV in Animal Behaviour and Training. 

Delta's Co-contribution Model

Delta is able to achieve such significant impact through its unique co-contribution model. This is designed to support and sustain our program while fostering mutual engagement and commitment from all involved parties. This model is based on a three-part contribution model: your financial contribution, our fundraising efforts, and the invaluable time contribution of our volunteers.

Your Contribution

As a partner in the program, we ask for your financial contribution. This funding directly supports the operations of the program, including assessment and training of volunteers, program coordination, and other essential expenses that help keep the program running smoothly. Your contribution is a testament to your commitment to the program and the positive impact that therapy dogs can have in our community.

Our Contribution

Delta Therapy Dogs bring to the table over 25 years of experience and expertise in the delivery of Animal Assisted Interventions. We acknowledge the importance and value of your contribution, and we match it with our own commitment. We undertake fundraising initiatives to help support the program financially and, as a charitable organisation, all money we raise goes directly into maintaining and enhancing the quality of our therapy dog services.

Volunteer Contribution

The final, but equally important, part of our co-contribution model revolves around the time and dedication that our volunteers generously offer. Our volunteers, who are the handlers of the therapy dogs, contribute their time and energy without any financial compensation. They are vital to our operations, and they provide the much-needed interaction and therapeutic engagement for the program recipients. Their dedication and commitment are what truly brings our program to life.

Express your interest

The first step in this process is for those wishing to establish either the Delta Therapy Dogs, Delta Therapy Digi-Dogs or Delta Classroom Canines program is to express their interest using the form below. 

Once completed, one of our State Program Coordinators will be in touch to begin the process of determining your specific program requirements and establishing an Agreement for delivery of the program. You will then be placed on to our waitlist and we will begin to actively search for an available Therapy Dog Team.

Please ensure you have carefully read the program information as per the following pages:

If you have any questions about any of these programs please feel free to contact the relevant State Program Coordinator directly, or contact our head office on 02 9797 7922 or

For information about our Paws the Pressure or Dog Safe programs, please do not use the below EOI form but instead visit the relevant pages for more information about these programs and how to request sessions.

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