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Privacy Policy

Payment Security Policy

When donating or making a payment to Delta Therapy Dogs, your financial details are passed through a secure server using the latest 128-bit SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption technology.  If you have any questions regarding our Payment Security Policy, please contact

Privacy Policy

Delta Therapy Dogs (Delta) collects Personal Information – including in some instances Sensitive and Health Information – pertaining to its Personnel, Students, Program Beneficiaries, Graduates, Members, donors, suppliers, and other individuals with whom Delta interacts through a variety of paper and electronic formats.

All information collected is for the purposes of the operations of Delta or where dictated by legislative guidelines.

Delta values the privacy of individuals and it committed to handling their personal information in a lawful and responsible manner. Delta is committed to ensuring that it is compliant with the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs) in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), applicable State and Territory Privacy and/or Health Laws.

Delta collects information only where it is necessary in order to carry out its functions and activities.  As part of running the organisation, Delta collects information for various purposes, including but not limited to:

  • the recruitment and engagement of Personnel;

  • the provision of program and education delivery;

  • the placement of Personnel in placements with its Program Partners;

  • the education of Students;

  • the engagement and support of Graduates;

  • the administration of Company records;

  • the provision of supports to facilitate access and participation; and

  • the management and engagement of donors and donations.


Delta may collect Personal Information such as:

  • name;

  • mailing and/or street address;

  • email address;

  • telephone number;

  • date of birth;

  • gender;

  • emergency contact information;

  • profession, occupation or job title;

  • employment and/or volunteer experience;

  • skills or qualifications; and

  • details about the services received or enquired about.

In addition it may collect Sensitive Information such as:

  • criminal records;

  • identification to support application for criminal history checks;

  • citizenship;

  • racial information;

  • details of memberships of a professional association; and

  • banking information.

Health Information may also be collected from Applicants and Personnel, including:

  • support requirements to facilitate access and participation;

  • vaccination and/or immunity information; and

  • health (physical or mental) status as applicable to the performance to duties of the Work to be / being undertaken.


We may also collect some information that is not Personal Information because it does not identify you or anyone else. For example, we may collect anonymous answers to surveys or aggregated information about how program beneficiaries access our services.


We collect your Personal Information directly from you unless it is unreasonable or impracticable to do so. When collecting Personal Information from you, we may collect in ways including:

  • through your access and use of our website and social media platforms;

  • when you complete an application for a position with our organisation;

  • when you complete an application for the services provided by our organisation;

  • when you complete a student or graduate membership enrolment application;

  • during recruitment processes;

  • via reports submitted by you following delivery of programs;

  • via reports submitted by you from third parties – for example clearance to work from health practitioners

  • during conversations between you and our representatives; or

  • or purchase order.


We may also collect personal information from third parties including:

  • from professional and personal referees;

  • from third party companies such as credit reporting agencies;

  • law enforcement agencies; or

  • other government entities.


Delta will not use or disclose information unless the person about whom the information relates is aware of, or has consented to, the use or disclosure of their information. Personal information may be disclosed where an individual has consented to the disclosure.

In addition, information may be disclosed in situations where individuals have been informed of the usual practice of disclosure, for example provision of the immunisation status of a volunteer to a Delta Program Partner with whom that volunteer is to be placed as part of their volunteer role.


When collecting information, Delta will only collect it by lawful and fair means and not in an unreasonably intrusive way. When collecting information, the individual to whom the request relates should be advised of:

a. the purpose for which Delta is collecting the information;

b. how the individual can access or amend their information;

c. to whom the information may be transferred or disclosed, and under what circumstances;

d. whether the collection is required by law; and

e. the consequences of not providing the information.


Delta will only collect sensitive or health information in limited circumstances (e.g. with the individual's informed consent, if required by law or regulatory authorities).

If you do not wish to receive marketing materials from us, you can unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe function in any electronic communication or by contacting us at, and requesting that you no longer wish to receive these marketing materials from us.

All queries regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact our Privacy Officer by writing to The Privacy Officer – Delta Therapy Dogs, PO Box 221 EARLWOOD NSW  2206 or by email to

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