Delta Classroom Canines


Classroom Canines is a program aimed at improving children’s confidence, health and well-being by providing schools with a powerful additional learning tool to encourage student development. The program concentrates on children that have difficulties with reading and writing but are not part of a remedial reading program.

Using our specially trained volunteers and their attentive, loyal and non-judgmental dogs, Classroom Canines is a unique reading program with a focus on assisting children to improve their literacy skills. 

Volunteers and their dogs visit their allocated school weekly at a time that coincides with the student’s lessons on reading, they can work  individually with one child or in a group setting. This allows the volunteer and the dog to build an ongoing relationship and trust with their young friends.

Scientifically proven benefits for students

  • Research has found that animals are useful in the promotion of health, well-being and normal development in children

  • Animals can be a way of improving quality of life as a tool for socialising, relaxation and communication

  • Animals can help a child who may be experiencing anxiety and stress

  • Occasional contact with animals is beneficial in providing children with the opportunity to display independence and confidence 

  • Children may learn to gain an awareness of pro-social behaviour in regard to treating animals appropriately

  • Contact with animals provides opportunities for sensory stimulation and exercise and enables children to receive and give attention and affection

  • The dog provides a non-judgmental acceptance of the student

Research papers on the Classroom Canines Program